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Maybe it’s my health concern—traumatic cavity fillings and constant fear of the dentist—but I’m a bit too strict about my oral hygiene. I will do anything and everything I can at home to make office cleanings and checkups as painless as possible. In addition to my standard twice-daily brushing and flossing, I often think about how my oral care “tools” can improve my routine. I’ve tried the analog approach and used a soft-bristled manual toothbrush, the all-silicone kind that’s supposed to polish teeth while brushing, and electric brushes that use sonic pulses to clean teeth, but nothing really blew me away until I tried the Oral-B iO Series electric toothbrush. 8 ($200).

I know, $200 it is Many Lots of money to spend on a toothbrush, but this isn’t just a toothbrush – it’s like a FitBit toothbrush. In addition to Oral-B’s signature round brush head and micro-vibrations, the iO Series 8 toothbrush is a smart toothbrush, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that will teach you about your teeth and coach you to brush better. So smart, Amazon shoppers called it the “best electric toothbrush” they’ve ever owned, and it “completely changed” their oral care routine.

At 20 percent off its original price, and even higher, the Oral-B iO is well worth the investment. I have been using it for about 3 months, and i will never use another toothbrush again.

Why I love Oral-B iO Series 8

1. You can track your brushing process in real time on the iO app

Once you download the Oral-B app and connect it to your iO toothbrush via Bluetooth, you can choose from 6 smart modes: Daily, Intensive, Whitening, Gum Care, Sensitive and Super Sensitive for a personal clean. Then, the artificial intelligence inside will “train” you along the way to help improve your brushing and, in turn, your oral health.

While the thought of using artificial intelligence to brush your teeth might be an eye-roll, it has really helped me be more aware of how I take care of my teeth. I can follow along with the map of my mouth on the Oral-B app, watching the “areas” on the map slowly light up as I brush, eventually turning white to indicate sparkling clean. Spoiler alert: Getting a full, thorough clean takes longer than you think, about two and a half minutes.

Oral Shots- by iO
From left: Oral-B iO application before, during, and after brushing in the Gum Health Challenge.

2. Intelligent pressure sensors prevent you from brushing too hard

Since the most common approach isn’t always the healthiest when caring for your teeth and gums, the iO Series 8 toothbrush uses smart pressure sensors to save me from obliterating my gums and enamel. A small light between the handle and brush head blinks red to indicate you’re pressing too hard, and conversely, turns green to tell you when the pressure is just right – giving you a better handle on how you brush. What’s more, the iO app will highlight areas of your mouth where you brush too hard, so you know where to take it easier next time.

3. Challenges and medals help keep you going

When life gets in your way and oral hygiene slips, the iO app includes a health-boosting “challenge” that will inspire you to step up your game. For example, to help address some of the inflammation along my gum line that my dentist pointed out, I chose to participate in the Gum Health Challenge, which includes a preset routine created to promote healthy gums. That means Smart Mode automatically adjusts to a “Gum Health” setting, prompts me to floss and rinse with mouthwash at the end of each nightly brushing, and the app also prompts a daily self-assessment to track my progress. Aside from the challenges, the iO app awards you medals when you reach certain milestones, such as brushing your teeth in the middle of the night, a strong brush streak, and remembering to floss at night. All of these are the perfect incentives to keep your oral care on track.

Tl; DR: The Oral-B iO toothbrush is essentially a FitBit for your teeth, making it a complete no-brainer for anyone on a mission to improve their oral care routine this year. Object to Amazon when it’s on sale.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn you a Well + Good commission.

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