88% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy. Here’s what a company with ties to the state of Utah does about it

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A recent human clinical study showed that 88% of American adults are metabolically “unfit”. And Joel Beckman, longtime nutrition executive and co-founder of a new science-based health company, knows only the culprit.

“It’s simply our diet,” Beckmann said. “We’re eating the wrong kinds of foods in the wrong amounts, and that not only makes us fatter, it makes us sicker.”

Where did we go wrong?

Ironically, this downward trend in health and weight got a lot of help from the United States government, which had been looking for a way to “fix” the nation’s diet for some time. Backed by a questionable study, they finally introduced the infamous “food pyramid” that dramatically increased consumption of unhealthy refined carbohydrates.

“For the first time in history, we had a government telling us what to eat,” Beckman said. “We are encouraged to eat more refined carbohydrates, not have enough healthy fats, and our weight and health have only been affected because of it.”

The consequences for the health and weight of the nation were disastrous. Since the government first established nutritional guidelines in 1977, the food industry has completely transformed the types of foods it produces to harm us in general. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the average adult American weighs about 30 pounds more today than the average adult weighed in 1977.

The modern plague of insulin resistance

Beckman knew that perhaps the biggest problem with changing our diet had to do with the hormone insulin, which tells our bodies, simply put, what to do with energy from food. While insulin is responsible for supporting hundreds of systems in the body, it is primarily known to regulate blood glucose levels.

“Our bodies must have insulin to function properly, but our modern diet is so rich in carbohydrates that it leaves us flooded with insulin almost non-stop,” Beckman said. “And when that happens, you become insulin resistant, which is very bad for our health and our weight.”

88% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy.  Here's what a company with ties to the state of Utah does about it
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Beckman says research shows more than half of American adults are already insulin resistant, with rapid growth worldwide.

“In general, insulin resistance makes anything that could harm your body much worse,” Beckman said. “Deteriorating brain health, metabolic health, heart health, and more; insulin resistance makes things miserable for people in no time.”

Insulin resistance test

Do you think you or a loved one might be insulin resistant? Answer the questions below:

  • Do you have more fat around your belly than you would like?
  • Do you have a family history of heart disease?
  • Do you suffer from high blood pressure or does salt intake affect blood pressure?
  • Do you have high levels of triglycerides in your blood?
  • Do you retain water easily?
  • Do you suffer from gout?
  • Do you have patches of darkened skin or small bumps of skin (“skin tags”) in your neck, armpits or other areas?
  • Do you have a family member with insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes?
  • Do you suffer from gestational diabetes or PCOS (for women) or have “low testosterone” (for men)?

If you answered “yes” to any two (or more) questions, you almost certainly have insulin resistance.

Food: culprit and cure

If a person thinks they have insulin resistance, Beckman said, they should consult a health care professional. However, there are specific steps each of us can take to become more insulin sensitive in our own homes.

“As my world brother always says, ‘food got us into this mess, and food is what’s going to get us out of it,’” Beckman said. “The easiest and best thing to do is to start reducing your carb intake right away. Of the three macronutrients, carbohydrates are the least important for the average adult and the most problematic for those with metabolic issues. The health and weight challenges we’re seeing today are mostly due to this misguided shift in diet.”

The “fat” secret

In fact, increasing your consumption of healthy fats may be the most important change you can make, supporting metabolic health, brain health, and more, Beckman says.

“Our ancestors knew that fat was the most nutrient-dense substance you could eat,” Beckman said. “They provide nourishment for your mind and body, help you feel satisfied, curb your cravings for sweets, and even help train your body to burn excess body fat.”

“With that said, it’s important to get a wide variety of healthy fats, from short, medium and long-chain sources,” Beckmann said. “It’s not about taking a shot of MCT oil or a big squirt of butter and calling it a day.”

Prioritize protein

“You have competing mindsets about protein, with very little forensic science behind the arguments,” Beckman said. “Protein is essential, especially as you age, but it must be eaten with fat, just as it is found in nature.”

The best types of protein, according to Beckman, are whey, egg whites, and collagen. It stresses that those have the highest biological value, provide the most complete profile of essential amino acids, and support lean muscle, healthy joints, cartilage, and bone health.

The main boost to your diet

To help people achieve their best health faster, and especially to help those who don’t always have time to eat healthy, Beckmann and his founding team of metabolism, nutrition, and industry experts recently created the HLTH Code Complete Meal.

88% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy.  Here's what a company with ties to the state of Utah does about it
Photo: Health Code

Beckman says these carefully crafted meals are designed to improve health, including weight management, gut health, brain health, and even hair, skin, and nail health. HLTH Code Complete Meal features an enhanced, science-backed blend of protein, collagen, healthy fats, apple cider vinegar, probiotics, fiber, vitamins and minerals – with no added sugar or artificial ingredients.

“Based on scientific and competitive research, we believe HLTH Code Complete Meal truly represents a breakthrough in meal replacement drinks,” said Beckmann. “Our customers tell us they’re the best tasting, most satisfying shake they’ve ever had, and they help keep blood glucose low for most people—which is absolutely essential.”

The complete meal for the HLTH symbol is prepared in the USA and in a facility that is currently GMP Certified and FDA Registered.

Keep hunger at bay (the right way)

When it comes to eating, Beckman says it’s easy to consume too many calories and still feel hungry. This is because the calories consumed are not the correct types of calories to provide essential nutrition. He refers to this as “malnutrition” and says it harms the health of many people.

“Each HLTH Code Complete Meal shake is packed with enhanced amounts of these ingredients to keep you feeling full and energized for hours,” said Beckmann. “However, it is more convenient and affordable than almost any meal you can make or buy.”

Shakes are quick and easy to make, Beckman says: Just add 2 scoops of creamy vanilla or whole macadamia nut chocolate powder to an 8 oz. of cold water and shake or mix. For general wellness, he recommends replacing one serving per day. To reset your health or lose weight, replace two meals a day.

“[I’ve] I’ve been using HLTH CODE for about 2 weeks and feel healthier, have more energy and less cravings – love this product!!! said one reviewer.

Another reviewer said, “I started losing weight quickly because I found I no longer ate between meals, I don’t crave carbs and I automatically do intermittent fasting, not on purpose but because I don’t feel hungry.”

Another review said, “I’ve been drinking this for 5 months to break my intermittent fasting and I’m at my best and 21 lbs lighter. I can’t recommend this enough!! Plus it has great flavor!! Who can’t you love??”

88% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy.  Here's what a company with ties to the state of Utah does about it
Image: HLTH Code

Does the HLTH Code make losing weight easier?

According to Beckmann, best health begins with the right mix of nutrition. Better insulin sensitivity, increased energy, a feeling of vitality, a stronger immune system, a clearer mind, better gut health, and an improved appearance are some of the benefits of improving one’s nutrition.

“The overall benefits of the complete HLTH Code meal are especially beneficial if you are trying to lose weight,” said Beckmann. Losing weight is rarely easy. The right changes in hormones and caloric balance must be made to signal to the body that it is time to start burning fat, not storing it.

Beckman adds that, based on the best studies available on human metabolism, plus exercise, the HLTH Code Complete Meal helps people lose weight without having to count every calorie.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

If you’re nervous about trying something new and making changes to your nutrition plan, don’t worry. Beckmann is committed to its HLTH code meal replacement products and stands ready to ensure your satisfaction.

“You have nothing to lose (except for excess weight) and everything to gain – in terms of wellness and self-confidence,” said Beckmann.

In fact, if you are looking for improved wellness and healthy weight management, complete meal replacement with HLTH may be your answer. For exclusive savings on your first order, visit getHLTH.com and enter discount code KSL at checkout.

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