A new cadre of players becomes eligible for trade from 15 January; Is there any sense to the Boston Celtics?

With the 2023 NBA trade deadline approaching in a month’s time, the interest in changing up the rosters of one’s favorite ball clubs has become an increasingly popular pastime among fans of the Boston Celtics and the other 29 teams in the league.

League analysts have been fanning the flames to help trade ideas spread with their own suggestions, and on top of the cadre of players who became available for trade at the unofficial start of this year’s trading season on December 15th, we’ll see a new batch of players become available for trades on January 15th after handling restrictions. With them for deals signed in the offseason lifts.

Our friends at sister site Hoops Hype’s podcast of the same name Michael Scotto and Yossi Gozlan have put together a list of the best of these guys coming tomorrow.

While some big names like Zach LaVine Bradley Beal and Deandre Ayton are likely beyond what Boston might have in mind, three players note that they might be the kind of options the Celtics might pursue if they are looking to make a bigger move ahead of this one. Trade deadline in February.

Let’s dive into the three that might make sense for Boston.

Mo Bamba – Midfielder – Orlando Magic

Brian Fluharty, USA Today Sports

“When the Magic signed Mo Bamba to a two-year deal, which included a non-guaranteed second season, many people around the league viewed him as a potential trading chip to be flipped later once Orlando finally had to consolidate its roster,” Scotto offers.

If Boston wants to get more comfortable with the big man’s depth, Bampa’s contract size of $10.3 million would require moving from Danilo Gallinari to make the payroll work, but the lack of guarantee for next season provides some insurance in case things go wrong.

With 3s burning in this year’s draft, Boston could make a strong bid if they include Payton Pritchard in a deal Scotto doesn’t see the Magic getting a #1 spot, but that’s probably among the three options discussed by h/h he could This is reasonable if the interests of both parties coincide.

Chris Boucher – Forward – Toronto Raptors

John E. Sokolowski – USA Today Sports

“There is a belief among some across the league that Toronto will be more active in trade talks around the middle of January,” Scotto said, which makes sense, as Gozlan notes the team looks “like they need to sort things out with their core with a lot of their starters slated for raises soon.”

The former thinks it would take a huge deal to turn away the nearly 30-year-old big man, who isn’t quite a good fit for Boston, but since he can play either big man position, a Boston spin could make sense for the right price. .

But the fact that it would take a multi-team deal or a 3-for-1 deal for Boston makes us think this is the least likely of the three mentioned by H/H.

Cody Martin – Forward – Charlotte Hornets

Sam Sharp, USA Today Sports

Gozlan believes the Hornets will be a sell-out at the deadline, and although there is no motivation for a Martin transfer, the right package could get them considering a deal.

“He’s on a great contract making about $8 million a year, and the fourth year is not guaranteed,” he says. Does the offer of sending a good selection into the second round plus Pritchard seal the deal?

While Martin, Gozlan notes, fits into the Hornets’ schedule, Pritchard fits him better at 21 and may be able to deliver some distance that Charlotte sorely lacks.

Our verdict

Bob DiChiara – USA Today Sports

Of the top three trade candidates discussed by the Hoops Hype duo that will be available for trading from January 15th, we weren’t particularly surprised by any of the options.

We believe any trade from Boston’s front office is more likely to come from the pool of players now available — and likely closer to the veteran bottom line than these types of players are given the importance of chemistry to a higher-paying Celtics team. players.

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The story originally appeared on Celtics Wire

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