Blueface Clowns DJ Akademiks failed music career during the online brawl

Blueface and DJ Akademiks engaged in a heated contradiction with each other on social media this week.

The beef between the pair seemed to start on Thursday (January 12), when the “Thotianna” rapper tweeted: “I got a lot more money than him cause he plays this way.”

His tweet came days after Akademiks tweeted a viral video from an episode of Blueface and girlfriend Chrisean Rock’s Zeus Network, Rock hit him in the head with a Hennessy bottle.

The next day, Blueface appeared to claim no harm or foul, saying he had no real beef with him out of order Podcast host who said he’s using it for promotion.

“I didn’t get anything with you guys I’m just using it to promote at this point if he tells you all what happened I don’t have to say much I just answer him every once in a while he goes do his job for me for free [speaking emoji]…W promo,” Blueface tweeted.

DJ Akademiks followed by claiming to support Blueface while inciting the situation He also suggested that music should be the West Coast rapper’s focus in a tweet addressed to him.

“I’m a frontman and I love Blueface… I want him not to be in an abusive relationship and I don’t want his career and reputation to be ruined. I want him to come back and focus on rapping,” Academics tweeted.

However, things took a sharp turn to the left after Blueface apparently saw Akademiks’ tweet and called him out on his “fake love” while also reminding him that he had become a multi-hyphenate artist in the process.

“I EP for my docu-series,” Blueface wrote in a single tweet before adding another: “Ak I’m older then rap I’m over rap stop tryna keep me ina box cause my rap career won’t take off.”

In another follow-up tweetBlueface added, “I told him he’s a pawn on my chest now, it’s fake care and good love in mind games.” [crying laughing face emoji] Thin line between love and hate [blue heart emoji]. “

Then DJ Akademiks began trolling Blueface, calling him his “son,” while tweeting a photo of one of the rapper’s recent head tattoos, which caught the attention of 6ix9ine, who apparently claimed Blueface owed it.

“Please all go watch my son Blueface get knocked off camera by his girl on her reality he can get a small penny to pay his mortgage and fund that cheap ass C8.” Akademiks wrote in his quoted reply to Blueface, “We don’t want him not to get He has more jewelry tattoos on the side of his head.

On Saturday (January 14), after releasing several additional tweets directed at DJ Akademiks, Blueface posted screenshots of his and Akademiks’ monthly Spotify listeners and proceeded to berate the 31-year-old creator for trying to give him advice on how to be a successful artist.

“Please stop talking about people’s music career, you clearly don’t have the answers rap fails,” Bluface wrote on Twitter.

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Akademiks quickly responded to Blueface’s jab by affirming his support for the LA native while also challenging him to do better.

“Good morning, Blue. lol just do better bro. That’s it. Ak books. “U’d rather be a stand-up double for a domestic violence stunt double on a reality show on Zeus. Sorry if I want better for you than you want yourself. This $4.99 subscription shouldn’t have a bargaining vibe.”

This isn’t the first time DJ Akademiks has been a part of a heated exchange with an artist on social media.

In February of last year, before auditioning for Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez, Ak and Meg shared snaps and stinging remarks on Twitter and Instagram.

He also leaked a DM between himself and Doja Cat, where he Planet is The vocalist called it “a piece of shit”.

Watch DJ Akademiks discuss his exchange with Blueface on his Twitch channel here.

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