Flora and his animal son

(clockwise from bottom left:) Go varsity at Mariachi, Flora and my son, my animal (Courtesy of the Sundance Film Festival)The drawing: av club With most of the big premieres behind him, the 2023 Sundance Film Festival It switches to a lower gear before its final day on January 29. Those still on the grounds in … Read more

“Daisy Jones and the Six” teaser reveals, single, and track listing for the album

Atlantic Records has revealed the first single and album track listing for “Daisy Jones & the Six,” their upcoming Amazon Prime video series about a fictional ’70s band of the same name, along with its official teaser trailer. Based on the 2019 novel by Taylor Jenkins Reed, “Daisy Jones & the Six” follows the “rise … Read more

Is Paul T Goldman based on a true story?

A new docuseries will leave you questioning reality. Documentary fans are used to delving into a bit of reality, but what happens when the viewer can’t tell if what they’re seeing is real? That may sound like an unpleasant viewing experience, but when it comes to Peacock’s new documentary series Paul T. GoldmanIncredibly gripping, hilarious, … Read more

With Shahrukh Khan’s comeback with Pathan, fan clubs are booking theaters to celebrate Shah Rukh Khan’s festival amid amazing advance booking

the actor Shahrukh Khanreturn vehicle Pathan Bringing joy to his fans and apparently at the box office. As per reports, the film has already garnered more than Rs 50 crore in advance bookings for the first week. The star chose the action-adventure thriller V Pathan This could be the beginning of SRK 2.0. To understand … Read more

Post 1985 Academy Award Winner “Getting Full of Myself”: NPR

F. Murray Abraham tells him white lotus Bert’s character is “nothing but a male chauvinist pig” but the women who respond to him “understand that he really does have a good heart”. Fabio Lovino/HBO Hide caption Switch caption Fabio Lovino/HBO F. Murray Abraham tells him white lotus Bert’s character is “nothing but a male chauvinist … Read more

‘Evil’, ‘The Peasants’ and ‘Vomiting’ – Eva Green’s WhatsApp Messages Exude Star Quality | Movies

a Much of Eva Green’s success is due to her sense of the unknown. This is a woman who stays out of the celebrity circle, not given to blurring out every waking thought on social media. Researchers are constantly struggling to get to the bottom of it. Since her breakout on Bertolucci’s The Dreamers nearly … Read more

Sundance Reviews: Cat Person, Justice, Fair Play, and the Angry Good Guy

cat person — the film adaptation of a New Yorker short story that took over your Twitter feed in December 2017 — begins with a now-familiar paraphrase of Margaret Atwood’s quote: “Men fear women will laugh at them,” says the onscreen text. “Women are afraid that men will kill them.” The crowd laughed nervously when … Read more

Mia Goth gets off the deep end

picture: neon It’s a little perfect infinity poolWritten and directed by Brandon Cronenberg, Debuts like the subject of “newborns” (those who have gained an unfair professional advantage through family ties) is frantically popular. It’s not entirely unreasonable to ask who gets the keys to our collective cultural ship, but in the case of David Cronenberg … Read more

What’s new in Prime Video in February 2023

do you remember Carnival RowThis Prime video shows that, as far as you can remember, he was like a brave fairy procedural or something, and you’re pretty sure it starred Orlando Bloom and Kara Delevingne? You probably don’t, considering the first season was released nearly four years ago. Well, she’s back! Yay? Carnival Row Season … Read more