M&Ms says it’s replacing “beloved speakers” with Maya Rudolph

Mars announced that M&M’s spokespersons were being put on indefinite hiatus in favor of Maya Rudolph. (Photo: Newscast/Universal Images Group via Getty Images) The ongoing candy wars in America seem to have caused more casualties. In a surprise move, M&M’s announced on Twitter Monday that its multicolored crew of candy spokes will be heading into … Read more

Strange New Worlds – Trek Central

While all eyes may be on Star Trek: PicardWe are looking forward to 2023. The second season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds almost. However, new faces are joining Star Trek With an exclusive reveal today. Trek Central has learned that Noah LaManna And Adelaide Kane He will join the Captain Pike series. Plus, we’ve … Read more

How the TV show changes the lore of the game

screenshot: HBO/Kotaku The last of usA TV adaptation is a rare bird in terms of staying true to its source material – especially when it comes to video games. But even a show that aims to be as original as HBO’s treatment of the hit PlayStation series needs to make some changes to adapt to … Read more

Seven Actors Discuss Paul T. Goldman’s Experience

Dennis Haysbert with Paul Finkelmann Paul T. Goldman. Photo: peacock There is a moment in the second episode of Paul T. Goldman — a surrealistic Peacock drama-documentary series about Paul Finkelman’s search for justice after falling victim to a scam perpetrated by his second ex-wife — when Ludwig Manukian, an actor who appeared briefly on … Read more

Director of the new Mysterious Peacock series

Natasha Lyonne is Charlie, the star of the new show poker face.picture: peacock Colombo. Kojak. She wrote the murder. These are the most popular offers when describing new peacock show, poker face. and being who Rian Johnsonthe mastermind behind Take out the knives Movies (Beside last jedi), the comparisons are accurate and logical. poker face … Read more

Why did gunmen shoot this TV star?

Quetzale Nikte-Ha/Reuters MEXICO CITY — Ciro Gómez Leyva, one of Mexico’s best-known radio and television correspondents, heard the shattering sound of gunshots bouncing off his car window as he drove home from work in his armored car last month. Bulletproof glass saved him from becoming another statistic in a deadly string of attacks against journalists … Read more

20×12 ‘NCIS’ PREVIEW: Torres Undercover, Episode 450 in February

Rocky Carroll (CBS) this week NCISAn impromptu secret mission forces Special Agent Torres to confront a variety of demons—as well as get into a variety of altercations that put director Rocky Carroll to the test. In the episode “Big Rig,” which airs Mondays at 9/8c, Nick’s old friend, NCIS Special Agent Dale Sawyer, comes in … Read more

An explanation of why Yellowstone has so many prequel and spinoff shows

Good cowboy cooking can change anyone’s perspective. Even if you are a casual fan of Taylor Sheridan Yellowstone World of Shows On Paramount Network, you’ll know its brand of cattle bickering, whiskey sipping, and bull riding has won the country to become the most-watched show on cable TV. Of course, the series about a family … Read more

Want to understand Joe Biden and his family? Just watch The Sopranos

the newYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Watching “The Sopranos” on HBO can help you understand the Biden family. Between the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, and Biden’s various shady private property schemes with foreign scammers, it’s not hard to make the analogy. Obviously, President Joe Biden is the head of the family. He … Read more

‘Last of Us’ episode 2 release date, time, and trailer for HBO’s zombie show

After a terrible startHBO’s The last of us Attracting the masses and preparing them for what is to come. With new stakes at stake and perilous landscapes to traverse, Episode 2 promises plenty of post-apocalyptic action to unfold. attracting 4.7 million viewers, The last of us It is officially the most watched premiere in HBO … Read more