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P&O Cruises does not include wifi, so if you want to use the internet while at sea, you will need to pay for wifi.

In this guide, I’ll show you all of P&O Cruises’ internet packages and how to purchase them, so that you can access the internet during your cruise without spending more than you need to.

P&O Cruises Wi-Fi
I’m using wifi on P&O Cruises’ Iona

Do you need wifi on a cruise?

Before you go ahead and buy a wifi package, let’s consider whether or not you actually need…

Can you use mobile data?

When the ship docks, you’ll usually have access to 3G, 4G, or 5G data. Even since Brexit, many mobile service providers let you use the data allowed in Europe at no extra cost.

Outside of Europe, you will likely have to pay for the data on your phone. But it doesn’t always cost a lot, so be sure to check your mobile network before you go.

You can also use mobile data while at sea, but I would definitely do that Not I recommend that. Once the ship leaves port, your phone will connect to the marine network and it will cost you a lot.

You can find out how much data roaming at sea costs and why here: How to avoid roaming charges on a cruise.

Can you turn off sea days?

Unless you have a family member or urgent business to worry about back home, you might consider turning off your phone while your ship is at sea.

Most cruises don’t take more than two days at sea in a row, and it can be great to take the time to communicate with the people you’re with without looking at your phone.

If there is an emergency at home, your family members will be able to call the ship and pass on a message.

You can still use the My Holiday planner

During your cruise, you can use P&O Cruises’ My Holiday planner to view your onboard account, make dining and theater reservations, join virtual queues and book shore excursions.

My Holiday Planner is not an app, it’s a website. But you won’t need a wifi package to access it as you can do so using P&O Cruises’ limited free wifi. Simply connect to “P&OCruises_Guest_WIFI” and then use your browser to visit

P&O Cruises Wi-Fi packages

If you decide you’d like internet access while on a P&O Cruise, here’s how to arrange it…

P&O Cruises offers three different wifi packages, as well as a “pay-per-minute” option.:

1. Basic wifi

cost: £18 for 24 hours (or £12 per day for the entire cruise)

P&O Cruises’ My Wifi Essential is only for social media and messaging. So you can check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and also send messages via Whatsapp.

With this package, you will not be able to check your emails or browse the web for information. Snap Chat is also prohibited.

2. Ultimate Wi-Fi

cost: £24 for 24 hours (or £18 per day for the entire cruise)

My Wifi Ultimate allows you to surf the Internet, send and receive emails, use social media and Whatsapp.

According to P&O Cruises, the only thing you can’t do is stream videos and music from sites like YouTube and Spotify and you can upload your videos to social media. In theory, you should have a connection that is three times faster.

P&O Cruises Internet Plans

However, I used the Ultimate wifi package on my last Arvia cruise and it wouldn’t let me upload videos to social media, so I wasn’t able to update my Instagram stories.

On Christmas day the wifi didn’t work at all (I’m expecting it to be due to too many guests wanting to use it). Other days, it was so agonizingly slow that it became unusable.

If you need to check emails and send messages, you’ll be fine. But if you’re going to do a lot of work, I wouldn’t count on P&O Cruises wifi, no matter what package you buy.

However, if you are not happy with it, you can just go to guest services and they will refund your purchase.

When to Buy P&O Wifi: Before or During Your Cruise?

If you intend to purchase a Wi-Fi package from P&O Cruises for your entire cruise, you can purchase before the cruise or once on board. 24 hour plans can only be purchased on board.

Sign in to P&O Cruises with wifi.

Buy wifi before the trip

To purchase a wifi package prior to your cruise, you will need to log into the P&O Cruises Planner. Alternatively, you can call the P&O Cruises Call Center on 0344 338 8003 (local call charges apply).

Buy onboard wifi

Once you’re on your P&O Cruises ship, it’s easy to purchase a wifi package. Just open My Holiday planner and switch to wifi.

Alternatively, you can connect to our free wifi for guests, go to Follow the instructions on the screen.

You will see all wifi options along with the prices. Just click on the one you want and you will be charged to your onboard account.

share wifi package

One important thing to know about P&O wifi is that you can use it on multiple devices, as long as you don’t connect both devices at the same time. So if there are two of you, you can just buy one wifi package and take turns to use it.

However, this means that you cannot use wifi to message each other while on the ship. But it can save you a lot of money.

If you try to log in when the other person is already logged in, you can click a button to kick them off the wifi so you can use them.

p&o cruises wifi multiple devices

WiFi for medical devices

If you need internet access for medical reasons such as a continuous glucose monitor for diabetes, you can get it for free on P&O Cruises. Just ask at the reception on the boat for a free internet voucher.

What if you don’t have a smartphone?

Most P&O Cruises ships have a library of public computers that you can use to access the Internet if you don’t have a working smartphone or tablet. These are open 24 hours a day. However, the newer ships, Arvia and Iona do not have public computers.

If you need to print anything you can do it in the library for 30p a sheet. Surveying is also available in Guest Services.

Is P&O Cruises wifi worth it?

Wifi at sea is never as fast as the wifi you are used to at home. The speed you will get depends on where you are on the ship and how many other people are using the wifi at the same time.

There are always wifi black spots on cruise ships, so head to the public lounge for the best chance of getting a good signal.

Personally, I don’t think buying wifi for your entire cruise is worth it. There are so many fun things to do on a cruise ship instead of looking at your phone! But, if you really need to stay connected on sea days, purchasing P&O Cruises’ 24-hour wifi package is a good option.

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