JK Rowling’s name stripped Harry Potter books then resold by ‘bookbinding artist’

A 23-year-old in Toronto, Canada, has been working hard to “remove” J.K. Rowling’s name from used “Harry Potter” books and replace the book’s covers with custom ones — but remove her name from copyright pages and title pages too, SWNS reports. .

The individual has completed at least 30 new “rebound” books—and offered them for sale in their new form.

Artist Laur Flom, who runs a website in Canada, appears to have started the project to “help” any Harry Potter fans who find they have ethical issues with the author while reading her bestselling books.

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Flom started the work a year ago, saying he was motivated by transphobic allegations that were leveled against the British author, according to SWNS.

Rowling faced backlash a few years ago for comments some considered controversial about the transgender community.

Rowling is the author of “Harry Potter”. “Growing up when I did it, it was a given that you read Harry Potter,” said the 23-year-old Toronto-based “book artist.” The artist” removes Rowling’s name from her books – and then resells them in freshly bound form.

Laur Flom told SWNS, “The project was motivated by her transphobia… I was [a fan]. When you were growing up, it was a given that you would read “Harry Potter”.

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However, Flom added that “after JK Rowling’s opinions about people like me came out, it left a bad taste in my mouth”.

A bookbinder named Laur Flom is shown in Toronto removing pages from JK Rowling

A bookbinder named Laur Flom is shown in Toronto removing pages from JK Rowling’s “Harry Potter” book – so that Rowling’s name is completely cut out of the book, inside and out. Then he rebinds the books and resells them to interested buyers.

“It raised questions about the ethics of consuming her work,” he added.

‘Create a safe space’

Flom said that “the purpose of this project is to create a safe space for fans to find comfort in books and to engage critically with J.K. Rowling’s work.”

To “recreate” the books, Flom – who reportedly also works as a bartender – searches for used copies of the “Harry Potter” books.

“Just the fact that people were interested makes me think it was a success.”

SWNS reports that Flom then removes the covers and copyright pages of the books—replacing them with his own, uniquely created copies.

Laur Flom lives in Toronto, Canada, and said his

Lor Flom lives in Toronto, Canada, and said his “project” was “motivated” by Rowling’s “momophobia”, as Flom described it.

It appears that each book takes about 12 hours for Flom to re-bind – not including the time it takes to package the books and send them out to buyers.

Flom reportedly sells each freshly bound book for about $170. For a group of seven, he charges nearly $1,200.


A portion of every sale is donated to charities serving the transgender community, according to SWNS.

Laur Flom started a project featuring JK Rowling's

Laur Flom started a project involving JK Rowling’s “Harry Potter” books in January 2022, SWNS reports.

The work of the book did not happen without controversy.

Flom told SWNS:[The reactions are] Mostly good. The majority of my comments have been positive — my recent video made it to a weird part of TikTok and had mixed reactions, but mostly good.”

Flom added: “I hope the impact of my project is just a highlight [Rowling’s] Transphobic and to make people aware of the things she said… I get a lot of comments just asking what I did.”

Bookbinder Laur Flom posted videos on TikTok about him

Bookbinder Laur Flom has posted videos on TikTok about his “Harry Potter” bookbinding project. He describes himself as “a printmaker, book artist, and fan of Taylor Swift based in Toronto, Ontario.”

He also said, “Just the fact that people are interested makes me think it was a success.”

Fox News Digital has reached out to Flom for comment.

On his website, Flom describes himself as “a printmaker, book artist, and fan of Taylor Swift based in Toronto, Ontario.”

“My work is very much conceptual.”

He also says, “My work is very much conceptual, exploring themes surrounding identity, memory, and masculinity. I also occasionally remake the Harry Potter books.”

Also on the site it says, “Submit your personal copies to be restored, restored, and Rowling removed.”

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Rowling’s first “Harry Potter” book was published by Scholastic in the United States in September 1998. This book was “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”. (This book was published in the UK under the title “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”).

On its website, the publisher says that more than 500 million copies of the “Harry Potter” book series have been sold worldwide to date.

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It has also sold more than 180 million copies in the US alone, she says.

Scholastic adds, “If all the ‘Harry Potter’ books that have been sold were placed from one extreme to the other, they would circle the equator 16 times more.”

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