McDonald’s launches the Lunar New Year campaign with augmented reality

AR filters, NeRF technology and VR come together in McDonald’s AAPI future campaign.

As part of its commitment to serving communities and celebrating culture, McDonald’s celebrates major cultural events such as Lunar New Year, Asian and Pacific American Heritage Month, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Diwali.

To celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, McDonald’s has partnered with Karen X Cheng, a viral content creator known for her innovative creative designs, according to Official release. The company behind those famous French fries and the Big Mac aims to connect with its customers with an immersive metaverse experience and a cool augmented reality (AR) filter.

As a longtime fan of the Golden Arches, Cheng is excited to celebrate the rich culture and heritage of Asian Americans through this campaign.

Known for her amazing viral videos with over 500 million views, Cheng is a talented digital creator who is also known for her collaborations with high-profile celebrities. With a passion for storytelling and innovation, Cheng has found herself on notable lists such as Inc’s 30 Under 30 and Adweek’s Creative 100.

Some of her most popular videos include Learn to dance in a yearAnd Created the first artificially intelligent magazine coverAnd Making a VR Dance Video for Metaverse. This partnership between it and McDonald’s marks Cheng’s first official brand partnership.

“Collaborating with McDonald’s to create a campaign that not only appeals to my passion as a creator but also my cultural identity is a dream come true,” Cheng said in an official press release. “As a longtime Golden Arches fan, I am honored to have a creative board that allows me to share my personal story as well as showcasing my holiday expression to a wider audience.”

Elizabeth Campbell, senior director of corporate engagement strategy at McDonald’s, said the brand wants to connect with its fans at the intersection of culture and innovation. “Our collaboration with Karen X Cheng provides new, technologically advanced ways to experience the Year of the Rabbit while honoring the holiday’s heritage and uplifting the AAPI community. The Golden Arches is proud to kick off the new year with an interactive campaign inviting our fans to become active participants in a global cultural celebration,” said Campbell.

McDonald’s is marking the start of the new year with an engaging digital campaign that encourages its fans to take part in important global celebrations, something so central to the company’s global mission.

campaign that was previously conceived IW group, to celebrate the spirit of the Lunar New Year and encourage people to adopt traditional and non-traditional ways of celebrating the holiday. The campaign also features a variety of interactive elements as well as an immersive metaverse experience.

Nita Song, President and CEO of IW Group, said the company wanted to use the latest technology to enhance its fans’ experience. Building on last year’s groundbreaking Lunar New Year campaign, which featured A The flagship event in Golden Arches At the metaverse, our goal has been to use the latest technology to elevate virtual and interactive experiences for fans of the brand.”

Here’s what you can expect from McDonald’s Year of the Rabbit campaign:

Augmented reality (AR) filter – This unique AR Instagram The filter allows you to experience the transition from the Year of the Tiger (2022) to the Year of the Rabbit (2023) while enjoying stunning 3D visuals.

Metaverse experience – Hosted on the virtual platform my place Accessible through a VR headset, mobile device, tablet or PC, this customized 3D space combines traditional Asian influences with a variety of “futuristic elements,” such as 3D sculptures of 12 animals from the Chinese zodiac. The platform will host two special events on January 25th and February 2nd, respectively.

Artificial intelligence television commercialial – this is my future Advertising spot It uses NeRF (Neural Radiation Fields) technology to create a 3D scene. You can use your smartphone to scan a QR code on the screen to enjoy the artwork as an interactive augmented reality filter.

Fans can join in the fun today This isn’t the first time McDonald’s has created a great virtual experience around culture and heritage. In 2022, the company created the exhibition “McDonald’s Hall of Zodiacs: 2022 Lunar New Year by Humberto Leon” in AltspaceVR and in my place. The company also provided 10 trademark applications This will allow you to order food from their menu in the metaverse and have it delivered to your home in the real world.

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Image credit: McDonald’s USA

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