Mobile charging station for electric vehicle fleet debuted at CES

SparkCharge has built a mobile charging system and network. sparkcharge

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SparkCharge, an electric vehicle charging system and network developer, has developed a mobile charging station to service vehicle fleets, the first product of its kind to operate as part of the company’s Charge-as-a-Service (CaaS) network. SparkCharge recently launched its mobile charging fleet services solution at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023.

The mobile charging station will help fleet owners quickly and affordably transition to electric vehicles rather than fossil fuel-powered alternatives. Instead of installing multiple fees to service a fleet of electric vehicles, owners can log into the system portal, then enter the vehicles address. From there, the owner schedules a date and time for the shipping service.

“SparkCharge was founded in part to accelerate electric vehicle adoption and accessibility for everyone,” Josh Aviv, founder and CEO of SparkCharge, said in a statement. “Fleet electrification doesn’t have to be expensive or timely – turnkey electric vehicle rapid charging solutions enable businesses to shift from gas-powered vehicles to battery-electric, enabling them to comply with green initiatives while lowering overall operations and maintenance costs.”

SparkCharge already offers a mobile charging system and network for individual electric vehicles, an idea that SharkTank investors are backing in 2020, as reported by CNBC. The idea is to make charging electric vehicles as simple as ordering food through an app.

Now, the company is expanding to provide the same service to vehicle fleets. According to SparkCharge, its service can be set up for new consumers in as little as 14 days, depending on the location. The service is free from the network and does not require any infrastructure installation by fleet owners or operators. If the fleet grows, owners can expand the scope of service, and can choose to ship specific vehicles or the entire fleet during scheduled freight services.

According to the company, the charging stations run on a battery, which means they can also provide charging during a power outage.

Currently, SparkCharge is only available for single vehicles in 15 major US cities and for fleets in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Dallas, Boston and Washington, D.C. with plans to expand nationwide and in Europe to serve charging deserts.

In an interview with US News & World Report, Aviv noted that many charging stations are only available in wealthier neighborhoods or communities. Aviv hopes that SparkCharge can make electric vehicle fleets and ownership more accessible.

“Electrified fleets are really the gateway to electric vehicle ownership,” said Aviv. “If more people had the ability to drive an electric car without having to worry about how and when to charge their rent, it could help more people feel comfortable switching from a gasoline engine to an all-electric vehicle.”

Aviv’s hope for SparkCharge is to make the clean energy transition easier and more affordable for businesses, ultimately encouraging more businesses and individuals to switch to electric vehicles.

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