New Jersey Devils CHL Prospect Update: Is Josh Filemon another late bloomer gem?

When Devils fans think of the phrase “sixth-round heist,” Jesper Pratt immediately springs to mind — and with good reason. Pratt has blossomed into one of the offensive drivers and young building blocks on this growing Devils team. if current tracks continue; However, another sixth-rounder gem may join the Devils a few years down the road – that’s in an 18-year-old winger named Josh Filmon.

As of Wednesday when this article was written, Filmon leads all Devils prospects this season in goals, points, and points per game, while severe warnings are warranted because the WHL, where Filmon plays, is a league that scores much higher than what the KHL or even the League says National Collegiate Athletic Association. It’s still an impressive feat for an 18-year-old sixth-round pick.

Caveats aside, even in a high-scoring WHL game, Filemon turns heads. On December 19, 2022, it was Filemon, and not Connor Bedard, who scored a double-goal for the first time since Tyler Ennis performed the feat in 2009. Had Filemon not been stoned at the end of the third interval, the young winger would have equaled the record League of Seven shared with five other players. It should be noted that Philemon also added an assist in the match, so he scored seven points even if the extra goal evaded him. [Regina Leader-Post]

Here’s a look at Philemon hockey’s touchdown:

Some things stand out. First, Philemon has a very fast and very difficult shot. Second, while Philemon’s skinny frame is beginning to fill out, he still has a ways to go about that end. Thirdly, Filmon’s feat is even more impressive when one considers that he scored all six goals in just the first two halves.

Of course, one great game is all well and good. Let’s see how Filemon compares to other WHL forwards in this season’s draft class.

WHL comparisons

As of Wednesday when this article was written, Josh Filemon is fourth in all-time WHL playoffs with 25 goals, just six behind Conor Bedard and nine behind the league leader. Filmon is tied for 43rd in the WHL in total points, but when you adjust the list to only include forwards in Filmon’s draft class, a clearer picture emerges of Filmon’s impressive season. The following chart consists of the top forwards in total points in the WHL this season (as of last Wednesday when this bandwagon was compiled), who Filmon was also drafted with in 2022 and, like him, are not redundant when selected.

As of Wednesday, Filmon leads all players drafted in the draft category in goals and is fifth in total points among forwards drafted in 2022, who were not out of the practice period at the time. It should be noted that Aleksandr Suzdalev plays Regina Pats with Conor Bedard and Parker Bell was a late birthday, giving both players an advantage over the others on the roster.


Barring a few major unexpected setbacks, Josh Filemon is, at least, playing himself into a well-deserved professional contract. Per the NHL-CHL transfer agreement, Villemont likely won’t make his professional hockey debut until the 2024-25 season, when he’s unlikely to jump directly into the NHL next year, giving the lanky winger plenty of time to continue packing muscle, and fill up. out of his frame and filling the WHL net with more goals.

Dobber currently gives Philemon a grade of 58 in the NHL, making him a top 6 forward prospect. [Dobber] As with anything potential, many of the caveats are warranted as a lot could happen before Filemon is ready to compete for a spot on an NHL roster a few years later. It is rare to get any value from a sixth round pick. Picking up another top-six talent late in the draft would be absolutely massive. Philemon still has a long way to go to get there and will likely need to fill his narrow frame to play effectively at higher levels, but his trajectory is encouraging. If Philemon continues to grow, the demons may have another gem.

CHL update

Spotlight this week, Josh Filemon has improved his scoring pace since the last update. One of Philemon’s concerns is how sustainable his brutal season is at a whopping 25% drop rate, but for now, at least, the puck continues to play for the young winger. We hope that continues.

Chase Stillman has been pretty much in the status quo since the last update still lingering a hair short of a point in the game’s speed. On the goalkeeper front, Tyler Brennan continues to partner Ty Young in Prince George’s mediocre team where no goalkeepers have taken the reins yet. As a team, Prince George gives up an average of 3.78 goals per game, so Brennan’s numbers need to be taken with a lot of salt.

CHL Player of the Month

Maybe this should be called the Josh Filemon Award now. tap stick.

around the pond

  • Before losing two of their last three games this past weekend, the Utica Comets were enjoying a 10-0-2-0 winning streak that lifted them to second place in the North Division.
  • The Comets posted this player profile on Graeme Clarke, who, after a slow start, cruised to lead the team with 31 points in 36 games.

  • On Saturday night, Mason Geertsen earned his first star in a 5-1 win over the Comets with a two-goal performance. Gertsen now has three goals on the season for the Comets without the benefit of playing on wing jack. Nemec was the second star, with a goal and an assist. Jack Duggan III with two assists. Akira Schmid took the win.
  • Highlight of next week’s article Arseni Gritsyuk has been on his own fireplace lately.
  • Zakhar Burdkov scored this goal after returning from his second injury this season:

  • NHL.COM’s Peter Robinson interviewed Topias Vilen, who talked about the World Juniors, increasing his ice time with the Pelicans and his desire to play in the AHL after his season ends. [TheNHL.Com]
  • Returning, but not playing, at the World Junior Championships, Seamus Casey played a match at the position and spent a good evening with two goals and one assist, while winning 64% of his matches. Don’t expect Casey to wear that often. [Michigan Daily]
  • Michigan head coach Brandon Norato is willing to bet that his star player, Luke Hughes, is skating in the National Hockey League this season. [NJ.COM]
  • Congratulations to Nico Dawes, who was selected to the AHL All-Star Game. [UticaComets.Com]
  • Finally, Alex Chovanci wrote this piece for The Hockey Writers where they mention Luke Hughes and Simon Nemec as untouchable prospects and Arseni Gritsyuk and Alexander Holtz as near untouchables. [TheHockeyWriters]

Final thoughts

Now is the time to tell us what you think. Is Josh Filemon the next late round of demon robbing? Will Chase Stillman improve on the offensive end? Are you happy that coordination is back to normal? Let us know in the comments below.

Next week, the forecast update cycles back to the European Devils forecast with the highlight being the red-hot Arseni Gritsyuk.

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