Sarah Sherman on comedy, SNL, and her love of the ugly

Sarah Sherman In the make-up chair Saturday Night LiveAnd It transforms into a giant five-eyed monster. Since she joined the show in 2021, SNLMakeup artist Louie Zakarian transformed her into the Six Flags mascot, covered her in meatballs, and turned her real-life eyes into new eyes. That was it for the graphics. Today, though, they’re just experimenting. “Originally, my offer I was going to send you for this was, like pimples for eyeballs. But my face doesn’t have a lot of surface area,” Sherman says as Zakarian puts on prosthetic ears with eyes in their lobes on either side of her head. He adds an extra eye to her forehead, and applies thin layers of color until the latex around it is indistinguishable from Sherman’s skin.

“There are some actors you can put whatever you want on them and they just don’t change,” says Zakarian. “It just turns on.”

Sherman agrees, saying, “I kind of have a disapproval.” “I don’t have crazy distinguishing features.” Once the makeup is applied and the pictures taken, Zakarian removes the ears and allows Sherman to keep them as a keepsake. She left an eye on her forehead as she let out, and no one in her thirties seemed to notice. On her, this kind of thing started to seem normal.

Sherman is a 29-year-old body-horror comic who’s been playing with detached eyeballs and exploding cornices since she started performing stand-up in Chicago under the name Sarah Squarem. She finds glory in Blood: in May 2021, shortly before she is cast SNL, She made a video called “Sarah’s Vaccine”, in which she made a mixture of “gasoline, juice and a special ingredient… urine”, which she then drank. “I did a show in Portland, and my friend Tommy had to go out in the middle to throw up in the parking lot,” she says. (She considers this an achievement.)

Sherman and Colin Jost SNLWeekend Update.
photo: SNL/NBC

on me SNL, It’s a mess. Rather than tackling current events or playing with modern archetypes as her colleagues do, Sherman manages to remain repulsive, grotesque, and confrontational. She is best known for playing a version of herself on “Weekend Update” where she urges Colin Jost – as in a segment where she asks him why there are no Jews in SNL. When he responded that there were Jews on the show, including her, she turned to the camera and said, “In other news, Colin Jost is tracking the number of Jews in SNL.In one of her most famous sketches, she plays a woman who reveals to her date that she is covered in anthropomorphic meatballs that sing and spit bile. The sketch asks Sherman to use her no-face to play a pretty girl who looks normal, but is more at home like a meatball. She says: “The whole drawing is being really straight and having a date with Chris Reed.” “That was really hard for me.”

She knows what people expect to hear about her past, and she quipped about it: “I think a lot of people like to romanticize comedians as romantic losers on the outside.” Sherman grew up on the Great Neck of Long Island. It was weird but not disgusting. I turned on Its a bat mitzvah On April Fools’ Day (she claims the date was not intended, but just a “gift from God”) she sent invitations in the form of snakes in a box. she wore hoops to class and stole her school locker; She still has a sweater from the 1980s covered in rainbows, stars and moons that the designer gave her. As a member of the high school improv team, she has always been drawn to instincts but has yet to find the right way to express them. Once I drew a picture of a baby bottle full of intestines. If a character in Fun, They were going to be slashed. In real life, she runs the track.

“I had friends, I was very likable, I was funny,” she says. “I’m a comedian, so I needed people who would love me.” That hasn’t changed: “I have a deep, dark desire inside of me to be accepted by others. I also have the desire to make crazy things. But the part of me that wants to make crazy things still desperately needs to be liked by people.”

Photo: Charlie Engman

At Northwestern, where she attended college, Sherman never made the improvisation team required. “You ruined my life,” she says. “The eyeliner streaks across the face, looking out a rainy window like it is I’m moving to Seattle.But it gave her time to fall in love with stand-ups, allowing her to be completely herself and instantly perform any idea she had. (One of her first jokes: “I guess I feel bad because my roommates have to live with me until the lease is up, But who is the real victim here?I have to live with me forever! After graduating, she stayed around Chicago and became friends with people like actress and comedian Meg Stalter, and soon learned she could combine her love of comedy with her love of gag prodding. (A joke from this period: “Some women can be described as a tall glass of Water. Honey, I’m like a tall glass of clam chowder.” Then she’d down a can of clam chowder.)

She adopted the stage name Sarah Squarem, inspired by her high school nickname. A couple of her friends ran a record label and booked her as a stand-up comedian alongside a group of hype musicians. “I was doing basement shows with bands literally called Piss Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan. I was like, ‘It can’t be licker blood, piss piss, piss, moan, moan, and Sarah.When she started her own noise and comedy show, Hell nightmare The poster included an illustration of, as she described it, “the womb where the eggs were the eyeballs, the smile an open vagina, the lips made of intestines, and there was a finger cut like a tampon in it.”

Sherman moved to Los Angeles in 2019. Two years later, she booked the Just for Laughs comedy festival and performed a set that included talking about her desire to have sex with her father and her “pasrami-like pussy lips” — which he promptly scored for. SNL the test. She has been asked to do some exhibitions for SNL Producers a few years ago and tried to do some work based on the character; According to her, she is “full”. This time, she gave them her stand instead. “It was awful,” she says. “I talked about tying my nipples with long nipple hairs.” A few months later, she was on the show.

As for “alternative” comedy (a term Sherman is reluctant to apply to herself), she has a very old-school attitude to comedy. “If someone’s a nurse and they’re going to the comedy cellar on a Thursday night and they pay $30 and two drinks minimum to be there, put them on a show,” she says. She’s dressed the same on and off stage: today she’s wearing heavy black boots poking out from under a pair of blue, orange, and pink patchwork pants (“I have a lot of pants from a store that sells professional clown clothes”) with an acid trip of a T-shirt under a rainbow-coloured crochet jacket. Her hair is a black mullet, and she once described herself on Weekend Update as looking like “Chucky went to Sarah Lawrence.” Despite dressing like a Bushwick Pride mascot, Sherman told me she’s “as straight as a Jets football player.” As she yells on “Update,” “That’s right, America, I have a boyfriend. Don’t let the offbeat haircut fool you, honey!” At a recent improv show where she sang alongside Patti Harrison and Stalter, Sherman ran across the stage with her fist in the air saying , “Straight force!” Some comic elders have claimed that political correctness kills form; For the most part, Sherman shocks audiences with absolutely silly action and the portrayal that he exists outside of the rage machine completely.

Photo: Charlie Engman

Her character now has two levels: Sarah Sherman, who’s just excited about wearing googly eyes on air, and Sarah Squarem, who drinks urine. She hopes to make viewers turn away in disgust, but then comes back because she makes them laugh. “The cool thing now that my audience is wider is that people come to my show thinking, I know Sarah Sherman from TV. She has beautiful brown hair. Then they come to my show and they’re like, Gosh. They’re all freaked out.” Last October, she performed at the University of Connecticut Family Weekend, where the school dubbed her “Sarah Sherman (aka Sarah Squirem).” She says she bombed so hard that the segments received a “warm ovation.”

You are no longer sure of the name you want to use. While she’s stuck somewhere in between, she makes other calls. On New Year’s Eve, she was in a sketch with Dolly Parton on NBC’s Miley Cyrus, and will play a rabbi in the upcoming Adam Sandler Netflix movie. You are not invited to My Bat Mitzvah! Most days, however, it makes Squirmy content safe for the network. In a November Weekend Update segment of which she is particularly proud, Sherman gushed over John Fetterman, who was just elected senator from Pennsylvania, saying he “gives the turkey between my legs something to be grateful for!” The on-screen graphic showed a cartoon of a wobbling turkey neck.

“It did well enough in the first round that we got away with not only being able to tell the joke but using the image,” she says. “When the fucking turkey fight that looked like a jagged pussy lip finally got on TV and was flapping in the breeze, I was like, a period. end of story.

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