Stranger Things Season 4 concept art may hint at the design of Season 5

Stranger Things Vecna ​​barely escaped the events of Season 4. Unstable concept art shows how battle can change his appearance in Season 5.

Unused concept art of Weird things Season 4 may offer clues as to what to expect from Vecna ​​in Season 5. Season 4 of Weird things He reveals an overarching villain who has led the past few seasons, former human Henry Creel, whom the teen heroes dubbed Vicna. Vecna’s monstrous appearance reflects the unnatural nature of the Upside Down while still being human enough to be quite annoying.

Early conceptual designs for Vecna ​​included ideas such as melting jaws, skin, or blind eyes that bleed when he attacks. the Weird things The designers ultimately went with the version of Vecna ​​seen on screen because they wanted the actor, Jamie Bowers, to be able to express himself via makeup and prosthetics rather than using computer effects. The upside of creating a Vecna ​​using practical effects, versus CGI, is that it looks unsettling and scary in the movie. The downside is that it limits the types of effects designers can apply. However, some new non-human characteristics could still be incorporated into the Season 5 Vecna ​​that were considered for Season 4.

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Why Season 5 of Stranger Things Vecna ​​Should Be Even Scarier

Stranger Things 4 - Vecna ​​and Eleven

In Season 5, Vecna ​​will be more dangerous than ever, and his form should reflect that by being intimidating. In Season 4, Episode 9, The Piggyback, Robin and Steve burn him with Molotov cocktails, and Nancy shoots him. At the same time, Hooper beheads a Demogorgon. Vecna ​​wins when Hopper uses the sword on him Weird things creature through the end. So it would make sense to see sword wounds, gunshot wounds, and plenty of fire damage on his body next season. This could mean bringing back an idea of ​​the melting skin concept.

else Weird things The idea that could make Vecna ​​so scary would be blinding to him. Jimmy Powers (who plays Vicna and Henry Creel) can make Vina blind stare into a viewer’s soul. It would also be an excellent revenge on the Hawkins children for blinding Vecna ​​as it did their friends. This is especially true if Max ends up being permanently blinded by her gritty, near-fatal encounter with Vecna.

How the panel hints at Season 5 Vecna’s transformation

Woe to Mike

Will’s dashboard also features some possible directions for the new Vecna. In his introduction to the great evil in Weird things In the fourth season of the panel, the gang appears as a three-headed dragon. This could hint at how he’s rebuilding himself after the killing blows he suffered in Season 4. He can use parts of his creatures or the living vines in the Upside Down to rebuild himself into something like this dragon.

It is also possible that the meaning of the painting is less literal and does not refer to Vecna’s appearance but rather to his final stand against Hawkins’ gang. Vecna ​​can muster his strength and power for one last showdown pitting himself, the Demogorgons, Demobats, and possibly hitherto unseen beings against Eleven and her friends to try and finally control Hawkins once and for all. It will be interesting to see if the designers use Will’s palette, or any of the early designs for Vecna’s appearance in Season 4, in Weird things Season 5. One way or another, Vecna ​​is sure to be at its most terrifying state yet.

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