Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Google Pixel 7 Pro: What’s the Android flagship?

ZDNET / Samsung and Google It’s that time of year again, when Samsung’s latest and greatest Galaxy smartphones debut and take a stand for being the best Android smartphones money can buy. But, just like the past several years, it’s her most unique offering Galaxy S23 Ultrayou will have to compete with the latest flagship … Read more

The “boring” iPhone won! Never buy an Android phone again – unless it can be folded in half

In case the title didn’t make it clear, I think the Pixel 6 Pro might be the last traditional Android phone I’ve ever spent money on. Now, this is not the case completely Due to the bad and buggy experience with my Pixel 6 Pro but also thanks to a few other factors, one of … Read more

How to take a screenshot on Android

Jason Cipriani/ZDNET Screenshots are a convenient way to remember a recipe, show you a problem you’re having with an app, or get a history of something you saw on your phone screen. It’s crazy to think that in the first few years Android was around, it wasn’t even possible to take a screenshot without rooting … Read more

Google Eases Android License Terms, Allows Third-Party Billing in India Renewal Business Major • TechCrunch

Google is reviewing its trade agreements with audio makers and other partners in India and making a series of other changes in the South Asian market to comply with directives from the local antitrust watchdog in a major shift that could invite regulators in other regions to make similar proposals. The Android maker, which last … Read more

How to clear cache on your Android phone or tablet (and why you should)

Jason Cipriani/ZDNET If you are experiencing slow performance on a smartphone or tablet, there are common troubleshooting steps you can take and they often fix them. Simply restarting your device can solve a lot of problems. Another popular way to increase performance, or at least free up extra storage space, on your Android phone is … Read more

Your next Android phone will be even better because of Apple and magnets

Among the many robots, televisions, electric vehicles and This hair printer At CES was a quiet announcement of the next generation of wireless charging for phones and other devices with rechargeable batteries. Qi2 (pronounced “chee two”) is the follow-up to Qi wireless charging found in phones like the iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy S22, and Google … Read more

8 advanced tricks for Android

You would never know it, but one of the fullest parts of your favorite Android phone is a feature you rarely see in reality. It’s mostly invisible by design, in fact — however, if you teach yourself how to take advantage of it, you’ll save time, increase your efficiency, and feel like a total smartphone … Read more

Easily cancel all your unused subscriptions on iOS and Android

There is a paid subscription for everything. If you’re into food delivery, music streaming, or ride-sharing, you know that a lot of these companies charge monthly fees for premium services, like discounted fees and access to offers and other benefits. BMW even charges customers in some countries $18 a month To warm the front seats … Read more