Tri-State Peer Support helps first responders recover

MIAMI TOWNSHIP, Ohio — Amidst cheers of “Who Dey” and toasts at the tailgate, Tri-State Peer Support’s Amy Foley and Lieutenant Jim Petrie had the opportunity to share their mission with Cincinnati fans. With the scene of the Monday Night Football crash at Damar Hamlin still fresh in the minds of many of the attendees, … Read more

Sensi organization delivers books in Braille to e African children

CINCINNATI — Samuel Foulkes traveled to Africa last year on a mission to help improve literacy rates among blind and visually impaired youth in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. Foulkes was acting there Clovernock Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Cincinnati. What you need to know Cloverook Center for the Blind and Visually … Read more

Texas conservationists are missing out after wildlife funding fails

Texas – Texas conservationists have lost millions of dollars protecting the state’s vital wildlife and ecosystems. The Restoration of America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA) failed to pass through the US Congress, which would have allocated millions of dollars annually to conservation efforts that are often overlooked or excluded from funding opportunities. And one of those projects … Read more

I am looking for mental health care in Rikers

The rhythm of Eric Tavera’s life has never been so simple. “He would ask me, ‘Mom, what do you think of that song?’” “It was beautiful,” Eric Tavera’s mother, Hedith Tavera, said through an interpreter. Her face was wet with tears. Sitting in his aunt’s apartment in the Bronx, his family explained that music was … Read more