Kang kills the Avengers in Haunting Ant-Man 3 MCU Fan Art

residence Movie news Kang kills the Avengers in Haunting Ant-Man 3 MCU Fan Art New Ant-Man and the Wasp Haunts: Quantumania fan art shows Kang the Conqueror resting with the bloody trophies of the Avengers he killed. Kang the Conqueror is shown resting surrounded by the bloodstained trophies of the Avengers he just killed in … Read more

iPhone Photographer: Sacramento woman opening an art gallery

Carol Mott‑Binckley will be showing her iPhone photography exhibition “Vinyl Wallpapers & Dreams” February 1-25, 2023, at Archival Gallery Sacramento. Carol Mott Binkley On a trip to New York City with her best friend in 2009, Carol Mott-Binckley discovered the iPhone, marveling at its navigational capabilities between landmarks like Times Square and Central Park. Soon … Read more

Asma Naim is poised to be the first person of color to lead the Baltimore Museum of Art in its 109-year history – The Baltimore Sun

Asma Naeem, a Pakistan-born former New York attorney-general turned curator, on Tuesday appointed the Baltimore Museum of Art director — the first person of color to lead the institution in its 109-year history. Naim’s appointment to head Maryland’s second-largest art foundation was confirmed during a Board of Trustees vote Tuesday afternoon. She started her new … Read more

The art collector wouldn’t give up fighting with DIA over a Van Gogh painting

A Brazilian art collector is not giving up his fight to recover a Vincent van Gogh painting that he claims was stolen from him years ago, then ended up in the Detroit Institute of Arts. In US District Court on Monday, the art collector’s attorney, Aaron Phelps, filed his notice of appeal over a judge’s … Read more

This Sudbury, Ontario-based illustrator learned that an AI is using his art without his consent

As art created by artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more popular, the Sudbury, Ont., illustrator says. He was surprised to find his work reflected in some programs without his permission. Marc Janney makes a living as a full-time illustrator and multimedia artist through his work, Mindmelt Studio. While searching a celebrity database, he discovered one of … Read more

Jenkin van Zyl on his death-defying art: ‘It was stupid to set myself on fire. But the shot is amazing ‘| Art and design

jInken van Zyl’s art has many elements of a good party – balloons, cupcakes, inflatables, dancing. But any resemblance to a toddler’s birthday stops there. Its clearly NSFW (not safe for work). Cast members in his films wear grotesque monster masks and tight fetish outfits. Fake blood flows abundantly. His films are tense and claustrophobic, … Read more

An Extremely Intelligent Lava Lamp: Refik Anadol’s A.I. Art Extravaganza at MoMA Is Fun, Just Don’t Think About It Too Hard

“Refik Anadol: Unsupervised” is being touted as Artificial Intelligence’s triumphant arrival in the museum-art canon. So I went to see the splashy installation currently in the Museum of Modern Art’s ground-floor annex with a mission, to get a glimpse of what MoMA-approved A.I. art promises, or threatens, for the future. Born in Istanbul and currently … Read more

Tuwaiq Sculpture event transforms the streets of Riyadh into an art gallery

RIYADH: Sculptors from around the world will soon transform the streets of Riyadh into an art gallery without borders, using locally sourced stones from Tuwaiq, an area outside the capital, for the fourth edition of Tuwaiq Sculptures. This year’s theme is “The Energy of Harmony” and the artworks will be on display at Durrat Al … Read more

Concept art in the house reveals the death of a surrogate aunt

residence Movie news Spider-Man: No Way Home Concept Art Reveals Surrogate Aunt May Die The concept for New Spider-Man: No Way Home reveals an alternate version of Aunt May’s Death where she is killed by an entirely different villain. Although it is indeed a heartbreaking moment, it is new Spider-Man: No way home Concept art … Read more

Sundance 2023: Judy Blum and Nikki Giovanni’s films prove that good art is timeless

It is almost without fail that whenever you talk about a famous and older work of art, someone will feel the need to qualify it by saying, “It actually holds up pretty well.” As if to say that good art ends or somehow becomes inconsequential once it reaches a certain age, and it can’t stand … Read more