How NASA Selects the Next Astronauts to Walk on the Moon | Sciences

NASA has 42 current astronauts to choose from for a potential mission to the moon. Illustration by Emily Lankiewicz/NASA/Bill Ingalls During the Apollo program, the United States sent 12 astronauts to the moon; They are all men and they are all white. These Americans, largely drawn from the ranks of the US Navy and Air … Read more

Russia will launch a new capsule to bring back the crew of the space station

Russia plans to send a new capsule next month to bring back three space station crew members whose original flight was damaged, officials said. Russian and NASA space officials told reporters that the Russian and American will stay several additional months on the International Space Station as a result of the capsule switch, which could … Read more

It is wrong for the United States and Japan to launch a space race targeting China

Workers press wash the NASA logo on the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, US, May 19, 2020. [Photo/Agencies] At their meeting on Friday, US President Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida are expected to step up joint US-Japanese operations in outer space, including helping Japanese astronauts land on … Read more