NHL Power Rankings: Sabers and Avalanche Climb, Bruins Stay No. 1

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports Aside from the mighty Bruins, two other teams have achieved perfect 4-0-0 leads over the past week in the NHL: the Avalanche and Sabers. For Avs, what difference does a healthy arrangement make. It is no coincidence that the return of Nathan McKinnon has helped them turn a corner, and although … Read more

How to Connect Avalanche Network to MetaMask?

One of the main advanced characteristics in blockchain technology is interoperability, the art of communication between different blockchains with each other. Interoperability is crucial when it comes to exchanging data and assets such as non-perishable tokens (NFTs) or cryptocurrencies while enjoying the best of two or more platforms to save fees, for example, or faster … Read more

Colorado Avalanche Weekly Report Card: Friday, 13th Edition

I’m excited to start this weekly feature, where I’m going to be ranking the Colorado Avalanche players, systems, and overall performance for the week. Since this is new please give feedback on your likes and dislikes and I’ll take it seriously and change for the better or just ignore you and stay me. My process … Read more

Colorado Avalanche Midseason: Is It Time To Worry About The Defending Champions?

Denver – Everything looked great going into the holiday break. Sure, the Avalanche was destroyed, but they’d won six out of seven games and were finding ways to pick up wins. Samuel Gerrard sent the team into a break with an overtime winner in Nashville, capping a two-goal comeback. Feelings were good. But in eight … Read more