Knicks’ Jalen Bronson, Julius Randle faces an uphill battle to make the NBA All-Star game

DETROIT — Jalen Bronson and Julius Randle continue to aggressively build their case for inclusion in the NBA All-Star Game next month, even if the Knicks will almost certainly not get more than one representative due to the sheer volume of deserving candidates in the Eastern Conference. With only 12 spots available per team, there … Read more

From a Kentucky rooftop to a three-way battle for Big 12 dominance, what to watch this weekend

Every year, men’s college basketball waits its turn to enter the public consciousness after college football is over. Now here he is again. The 2022-23 conference season is already hectic. And college basketball’s best action will unfold in the coming weeks as we head toward conference and NCAA championships. This weekend’s slate of games features … Read more

A debt ceiling battle looms over Medicare, Medicaid

Illustration: Sarah Grillo / Axios House Republicans don’t have much way to pass major health care changes with a Senate Democrat and the president, with one possible exception: fighting the debt ceiling. why does it matter: It’s not clear what spending cuts House Republicans will pay for expanding the government’s borrowing authority later this year … Read more