The Alzheimer’s drug being tested by Penn Medicine has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration

Campus Penn Medicine on October 3, 2020. Credit: Max Mester The Federal Drug Administration recently approved a drug being trialled by the Penn Memory Center to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The drug, Leqembi, won FDA approval under the accelerated approval pathway on January 6, after the AHEAD trial evaluating its efficacy in volunteers … Read more

Ericsson exec: India beats 5G coverage

5G networks are just around the corner. That is, Borgje Ekholm, CEO of Ericsson AB, one of the world’s leading telecom equipment manufacturers, told a panel at the 2023 Davos World Economic Forum that India is ahead of the United States and Europe in launching 5G infrastructure. “India will have the most robust digital infrastructure … Read more

Crypto tax loophole beats America’s Wildlife Restoration Act

Better luck next time, bud.picture: MPH Pictures (stock struggle) A major US wildlife conservation bill with bipartisan support failed in last-minute negotiations in Congress, Because the lawmakers could not agree to close a huge tax loophole that benefits cryptocurrency traders. legislation, known as Restoration of America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA), it would allocate $1.3 billion annually … Read more