Stanford study reveals secrets of sustainable weight loss: Behaviors and biomarkers revealed

Stanford University researchers have discovered biomarkers that can predict an individual’s ability to lose weight and maintain weight loss over the long term. These biomarkers include signatures from the gut microbiome, proteins made by the human body, and exhaled carbon dioxide levels. The study found that the bacteria in the gut and the amounts of … Read more

Biomarkers predict weight loss and suggest personalized diets

summary: A new study suggests that cutting calories and exercising alone isn’t enough to help shift excess weight. Researchers report that gut bacteria and the amount of specific proteins your body produces influence your ability to lose weight and maintain weight loss. Depending on personal biomarkers, people lose more weight following a low-carb diet, while … Read more

New biomarkers of atherosclerosis were found using digital twins

Credit: wildpixel/Getty Images Newly identified markers of atherosclerotic coronary artery disease (ASCAD) have been identified in a study using digital twins. The work was carried out by multi-omics specialist G3 Therapeutics and artificial intelligence company Aitia, which owns Gemini Digital Twin technology. These new findings indicate that LDL particles rich in triglycerides could be a … Read more