A bold and beautiful recap: Sheila warns Katie not to interfere with her and Bill

In her office, Taylor tells Ridge on the phone that the situation with Bill and Sheila is under control. He shouldn’t come back to confront Bill because he’ll only scream and make the situation worse. Sheila appears and Taylor lets Ridge go. Sheila wanted to talk to her now that she knew they weren’t really … Read more

Bold and Beautiful Synopsis: Wyatt and Liam tell Bill to dump Sheila

At the cliff house, Finn and Stevie notice that the kids will have a fun and safe day planned with Amelia. Finn has to go to work, but Steffy pesters about going back to bed. They kiss. Inevitably, the conversation turns to how they can’t believe Sheila exists…it’s all thanks to Bill. They are over … Read more

‘She ran her life like it mattered’: Bold Drawings by Rebecca Horn | art

aAmong the names represented by powerhouse showrunner Sean Kelly is Marina Abramović, the Serbian concept and performance artist who has collaborated with James Franco and Jay Z, and whose flagship exhibition MoMA The Artist is Present offered her fans a chance to sit across from a star and stare into her mesmerizing eyes. And now … Read more