Mia Goth gets off the deep end

picture: neon It’s a little perfect infinity poolWritten and directed by Brandon Cronenberg, Debuts like the subject of “newborns” (those who have gained an unfair professional advantage through family ties) is frantically popular. It’s not entirely unreasonable to ask who gets the keys to our collective cultural ship, but in the case of David Cronenberg … Read more

Indiana Jones hits the road in a new Destiny Peek show

picture: Lucasfilm A lot happened over the weekend! DC eentertainment chief James Gunn She raised a new secret TV series. Mysterious crew A member has been added to Dune sequel. Plus Colin Farrell on with meNguyenSurprisingly big Batman Future, Joel’s 3 Simple Rules for Survival The last of usand much more. Spoilers, get in Same! … Read more