Breakthrough discovery brings quantum computing chips with billions of qubits closer

How can multiple qubits be controlled using the new “core spin-orbit EDSR” process? Credit: Tony Milov The detection of a previously unknown effect enables compact and very fast control of spin qubits. Australian engineers have discovered a new way to precisely control the single electrons in quantum dots that operate logic gates. Moreover, the new … Read more

Inside breakthrough nuclear fusion may be a step into unlimited clean energy in the distant future

Last month, the star closest to Earth was in California. In the laboratory, for the first time, the world’s largest laser forced hydrogen atoms to fuse together into the same kind of energy produced by the reaction that launches the sun. It lasted less than a billionth of a second. But after six decades of … Read more

breakthrough! China’s “artificial sun” achieves super I mode which can lead to more stable fusion energy

China is advancing the “artificial sun project” to develop an almost infinite energy source. Chinese scientists working on this project have discovered a previously unknown method of plasma activity that may enable more reliable and efficient nuclear fusion energy production. A breakthrough and demonstration of a new plasma operating scenario called Super I-Mode has been … Read more