Michael J. Fox talks about alcoholism, broken bones, and “Crispin” Glover in a new document

Still: A Michael J. Fox Film, The latest documentary from Academy Award winner Davis Guggenheim, it tells the whirlwind story of how a young boy moved from Canada to Hollywood in his senior year, became the “Prince of Hollywood,” and ultimately turned his greatest challenge into a beacon of hope for millions. He suffers from … Read more

The NHL has more bottom feeders than ever before as the parity bid was broken

Someone is going to have to alert the parity police stationed at NHL headquarters that the model is broken and there are more bottom feeders than at any time since the salary cap was adopted in 2005-06. For the first time in this era, there are three teams playing with a . 326 percentage or … Read more

An affordable device for repairing broken bones

Photo: Usability test of the imperial stabilizer Opinion more Credit: Imperial College London Imperial researchers have developed a low-cost, easy-to-make fixator for broken bones to help in areas where such devices are expensive or in short supply and people sometimes turn to homemade options. A fixator, known as an external fixator, holds the broken bones … Read more