Wildlife cams in Wisconsin capture encounters between species – Twin Cities

An undated photo from a wildlife camera courtesy of WI DNR Snapshot Wisconsin, a state-run citizen science project, shows a turkey and a rooster sharing a close encounter. A study finds that human activity may increase the odds that different species will interact. (WI DNR Snapshot Wisconsin via The New York Times) In ecology, as … Read more

Cities on the Edge: Enhancing Urban Mobility with Technology

Edge-based and 5G networks are being employed to lay the foundation for tomorrow’s generation of digital cities. People are constantly flocking to cities, and the continued rapid growth of urban areas around the world means pressures on transportation networks and public safety. However, emerging technologies — Edge and 5G — promise to ease the pressure. … Read more

Wildlife cams in Wisconsin capture encounters between species – Twin Cities

In ecology, as in comedy, timing is everything. Hours, minutes or even seconds can make the difference for an animal between stumbling upon a predator and avoiding one, between finding a bush full of berries and discovering branches that have already been nibbled. Mere moments can determine whether a raccoon comes face to face with … Read more

Climate change threatens cities around the world with heat waves and floods, but some places have learned to adapt. Here’s how

Climate change is going as bad for cities as we warned it would. Extreme weather is increasingly common and severe globally. Australian cities have been hit by a number of recent catastrophic events. It will also get worse. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) fact sheet outlining impacts on human settlements is a very … Read more

Water levels in California’s reservoirs are leaving cities parched

The severe drought that has struck California over the past decade has been somewhat reduced by recent heavy rains across the state. However, despite improvements in drought conditions in the state and increased water levels in many of California’s major reservoirs, more rain is needed to replenish not only surface reservoirs but also underground water … Read more

We Need Trees: Green Vision Struggling to Take Roots in Europe’s Cities | cities

FFrom Madrid to Berlin and Paris to Budapest, scientists and planners agree that trees, trees, and more trees can help make Europe’s cities more comfortable — and even survivable — over the coming years, as global warming strengthens its grip. But concrete sidewalks, tall buildings, historic plazas, and underground parking lots are a hostile environment … Read more