Climate envoy says Germany made “painful choices” in clearing a village to make way for a coal mine Climate News

Germany’s climate envoy told Sky News that Germany had to make “painful choices” when it evicted occupiers from a village to make room for coal mine expansion. Video footage of German riot police in Lutzerath clashing with protesters against the nearby Garzweiler lignite mine made headlines around the world. It was a decision that some … Read more

Study: US renewable farms outperform 99% of coal plants economically US News

Renewables outperform coal in the United States economically to such an extent that keeping 99% of the country’s coal-fired power plants running is more than it would cost to build a brand-new solar or wind power plant nearby, which is new. Analysis found. The falling cost of renewable energy, which was supercharged under last year’s … Read more

BC First Nation can contest the proposed coal mine as part of a unique deal with the developer

A coal company and British Columbia’s First Nation struck a rare deal to give the community veto power over a proposed mining project, which could set a precedent for how natural resource projects can be developed in Canada. NWP Coal Canada and Yaq̓it ʔa knuqⱡi’it (YQT), also known as the Tobacco Plains Indian Band, calls … Read more

A bill is in the works that could increase Indiana’s dependence on coal and gas

Indiana has taken small steps toward breaking its heavy reliance on coal and natural gas, but some fear a new bill could slow that transition and keep fossil fuels off emissions for longer. As the legislative session gets underway on Monday, the bills that must be considered by the legislature in this session have begun … Read more