The NHL Hall of Famer recalls the brutal injury similar to Hamlin’s collapse

NHL player Chris Pronger is surrounded by players and staff after being injured. St. Louis vs. Detroit. 1998 (Image from screenshot) Hockey Hall of Fame Chris Pronger Described the details of his serious heart injury in 1998 and its similarities to a Buffalo Bills safety’s recent frightful collapse on the field Hamlin devastation. Pronger was … Read more

Pakistan’s economy is nearing collapse with low foreign exchange reserves

Pakistan’s economy is in danger of collapsing, with persistent power outages and an acute shortage of foreign currency leaving businesses struggling to operate as authorities try to revive a bailout from the International Monetary Fund to ease a worsening crisis. Shipping containers full of imports are piling up at Pakistani ports, according to the country’s … Read more

The Biggest Collapse in the M2 Money Supply Since the Great Depression – Mish Talk

The M1 and M2 numbers are from the Federal Reserve, and the ODL is derived from M2, as shown below. The above chart data is from the H.6 Fed Funds Inventory Report, released on January 24th. monetary tariffs M1 consists of (1) currency outside the US Treasury, Federal Reserve Banks, and depository institution vaults; (ii) … Read more

Where did the warriors go? A collapse to the Celtics could prompt changes by Steve Kerr

12:38 a.m. ET Kendra AndrewsESPN BOSTON – In the first three quarters of the Golden State Warriors’ game against the Boston Celtics on Thursday, Stephen Curry and his buddies looked like them. Coach Steve Kerr went so far as to say that they looked like a championship team. But then, in the fourth quarter and … Read more

The End of an Era: How a Lost Summer Led to Liverpool’s Collapse | Liverpool

ITee was at the end of Jurgen Klopp’s post-match press conference at Amex Stadium on Saturday, asked the question most people in the room were probably thinking about: Was his decision to take off Jordan Henderson, Fabinho and Joel Matip as part of a quadruple substitution midway through the second half an icon? To overtake … Read more

Collapse of Stable Currencies May Spread to US Bond Market: Academic

The $1.4 trillion cryptocurrency market crash in 2022 did not affect traditional assets such as stocks or the real economy. But an academic warned that the failure of a major stablecoin could have an impact on the US bond market, pointing to a potential new area that investors need to watch as contagion continues to … Read more