Are AI comics telling good stories? An investigation

[Editor’s note: We here at the Beat are aware of the controversy about AI generated art and writing and we believe in and support the efforts of human artists. We’re against AI art that impersonates the work of artists or attempts to conceal its true nature. Those who think AI is a high-quality form of outsourced labor may be … Read more

Top 10 Batman Comics Where Continuity Doesn’t Matter

While comics are an exciting and enticing medium, long stretches of continuity and years of reboots have made entry into DC Comics somewhat inaccessible to the average reader. It can be difficult to find a suitable starting point, which leads to many readers feeling overwhelmed when looking to start stories with new characters. Related: Top … Read more

10 Marvel Comics Accurately Depict Mental Health Conditions

Mental health often plays an important role in Marvel Comics, but not all depictions are accurate. In most cases, the villain is considered “crazy”, promptly defeated, and then locked away. Rarely do characters with mental health conditions accurately portray these conditions, with the intention of raising awareness. Fantasy in general has a complex relationship with … Read more

Ethan Van Sciver interacts with the Joker who has become pregnant in new edition of ‘Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing’: ‘DC Comics is getting weirder and weirder’

There is probably no character more bizarre than The Joker, but since it’s about DC as a whole, just when you think you’ve seen it all, something even stranger happens. In a backup story in the new issue of Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughsthe genocidal clown became a father albeit not by way of … Read more