Marvel Boss Kevin Feige responds to ‘superhero burnout’ concerns

Speaking on a podcast, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige talked about the idea of ​​superhero fatigue among moviegoers. To say that superhero media is popular would be an understatement. For those looking to get champs, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. After all, 2022 alone has seen more than a dozen live-action superhero … Read more

Virginia residents reject a massive solar farm plan for the third time, citing environmental concerns

A local jurisdiction in Northern Virginia has come close to rejecting a clean energy developer’s plan to build a massive 149 megawatt solar facility on a sprawling farmland for the third time in three years. The Culpeper County, Virginia, Planning Commission, a nine-member panel that reviews zoning and development proposals in the county, voted unanimously … Read more

vegetarian children? Moms on TikTok are promoting a new way to raise their kids, but nutrition experts have concerns

The vegan diet has seen a rise in popularity with many new parents choosing to raise their children vegan as well, but some dietitians and researchers are raising concerns about the infant diet, which they warn can lead to serious health complications that can stunt growth and put a stop to it. They risk nutrient … Read more

Despite the doctors’ concerns, UCLA is renewing ties with religious institutions

As the UCLA health system renews contracts with hundreds of hospitals and outpatient clinics — many with religious affiliations — some doctors and faculty want stronger language to ensure that doctors can perform treatments they see fit, including abortions for women or hysterectomies. transgender patients. UCLA Health is in the middle of a two-year process … Read more

Water quality concerns loom in Durban after months of deadly floods | Water

a A few miles off the coast of Durban, a female humpback whale and her calf – the last of the thousands to migrate along South Africa’s east coast from May to December – splash their fins playfully on the surface of the Indian Ocean. Deep down, they’re unfazed by the dark brown sheen that … Read more