Reese Witherspoon reveals what her to-do list includes getting snacks for her son’s soccer team

Just an ordinary mom! Reese Witherspoon, 46, revealed her to-do list includes getting snacks for her son’s soccer team… but is it real? By Amy LaMarre for Dailymail.Com published: 14:05 ET, January 24, 2023 | Updated: 14:33 EST, January 24, 2023 Reese Witherspoon shared her to-do list on Instagram on Tuesday. The 46-year-old Academy Award-winning … Read more

Scientists say beetroot juice ‘significantly increases muscle strength during exercise’

Forget pre-workout protein shakes: Beetroot juice ‘significantly increases muscle strength during exercise’, scientists say. Scientists in the United Kingdom and the United States tracked muscle strength as participants performed exercises Half of them had been given a nitrate-laced drink before starting the workout The results showed 7 percent higher muscle strength in those who consumed … Read more

Princess Eugenie speaking in Davos about climate change and her son Augustus

Princess Eugenie has revealed how becoming a mother changed her – including fueling her passion for tackling climate change and giving her a fear of flying. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Eugenie, 32, discussed how she changed her behavior at home (eg, not using plastic) to educate her son, August, about the … Read more

Meghan thinks Prince Harry is the ‘prom’ of Grammy award audiobook Spear

Meghan Markle is sure her husband, Prince Harry, will add the Grammy Award winner to his award list thanks to his latest memoir. An entertainment industry insider tells that the Duchess and her team believe Harry is a ‘help’ to win the Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word (Best Audiobook, Recording Narration and Storytelling) … Read more

One experiment explores whether exercise can sharpen the brilliant minds of competitive gamers

A new documentary has revealed the groundbreaking findings of a unique experiment exploring whether exercise can sharpen the brilliant minds of competitive gamers. The Prime Video documentary, Mind Games: The Experiment, saw a number of high-profile gamers work fitness into their training regimes for four months. Among those featured in the film are Danish international … Read more

Grammy award-winning producer accused of multiple counts of offensive weapon possession offenses

Grammy Award-winning music producer Max Adam Lord has been charged with felony possession of assault weapons and silencers weeks after a barricade incident at his studio. Lord, 30, and Diavonte Kimble, 30, were arrested after setting up a roadblock where a LAPD SWAT team was called and found “several assault rifles, handguns, 3 firearm suppressors, … Read more

Dietitian Lindy Cohen, who lost 20 kilos, shares with women the things she does wrong with weight loss

A nutritionist who lost 20kg over four years by tipping her scales has shared five things women get wrong about losing weight – and why you can ‘diet yourself fat’. Lindy Cohen, from Sydney, had been on 20 different diets and seen four different nutritionists by the time she turned 21 when she knew her … Read more

What you should eat before your morning workout, according to a former Navy SEAL turned fitness freak

Morning workouts can keep you feeling energized for the day, that is, if you can be bothered dragging yourself to the gym. But what you eat before you sweat can determine how much progress you make, according to one expert. Former Marine, now gym owner and fitness writer, Patrick Dale shared his tips for the … Read more

Rylan Clark reveals that he treated himself like a “little kid” to help him overcome his mental breakdown

Rylan Clark has revealed how he treated himself “like a little kid” to help him overcome his mental breakdown after the breakdown of his marriage to husband Dan Neal. The presenter, 34, hit rock bottom after the collapse of his six-year marriage after he confessed to his partner’s infidelity, went on with his life twice … Read more

Personal Trainer: These are the signs that your metabolism is sluggish and the quick ways you can boost it

A personal trainer shared the 13 signs your metabolism is sluggish, and how you can boost it to achieve your goal weight quickly. Rachel Attard, from Sydney, said that while you might not think about it, metabolism has a “huge impact on our health”, particularly when it comes to losing and gaining weight. “Simply put, … Read more