3 tips IT managers can use for more sustainable device management

Information technology has a profound impact on a company’s ability to go green, starting with device management and extending into every area of ​​the enterprise. Boards of directors and other primary stakeholders are asking IT leaders to go green in their pursuit of environmental sustainability goals. “Technology leaders need to play the role of sustainability … Read more

The device transmits radio waves with almost no energy – without violating the laws of physics

(The Conversation is an independent, nonprofit source for news, analysis, and commentary from academic experts.) Joshua R. Smith, University of Washington, and Zerina Kapetanovic, Stanford University (The Conversation) At first glance, a new, ultra-low-energy communication method seems to violate the laws of physics. It is possible to transmit information wirelessly by simply opening and closing … Read more

The pop-up electrode device could help with 3D mapping of the brain

summary: A newly developed pop-up electrode device could aid in 3D brain mapping by gathering in-depth information about individual neurons and their interactions while limiting the potential for brain tissue damage. Source: Pennsylvania state Understanding the neural interface within the brain is critical to understanding aging, learning, disease progression, and more. However, current approaches to … Read more

Magewell has launched a new Dante-enabled, multi-format IP Audio capture and audio device – rAVe [PUBS]

Magewell has launched a new multi-format Dante-enabled audio and capture device January 17, 2023 – Nanjing, China: Magewell—an award-winning developer of innovative AV interface and IP workflow solutions—today announced the Pro Convert Audio DX multi-format IP audio encoder, decoder, and capture device. The company’s first solution with integrated support for Audinate’s Dante® audio networks, the … Read more

What is Q Collar, the device NFL players wear around their necks

(NEXSTAR) – If you’ve been watching any NFL games lately, you may have noticed that some players are wearing white (or in some cases black) horseshoe collars around their necks. But what are they? First of all, these collars are nothing new. Some players, like former Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly, were wearing them as … Read more

A novel microfluidic device with parallel channels for sperm separation using spermatozoa intrinsic behaviors

Mechanism of sperm reorientation (rheotaxis) and simulations results Sperm must swim within the female reproductive system over a long distance, compared with their length, to fertilize an oocyte41. A sperm moves in a roughly circular pattern in the absence of external fluid flow42. Nonetheless, when an external flow is introduced, the sperm is reoriented upstream … Read more

5 Strategies for Starting Medical Device Project Teams in 2023

Posted by Chris Danek, Bissell LLC It’s a new year! And after several years of turmoil and uncertainty, we are ready for a fresh start. Our medical device teams deserve a fresh start, too. Chances are, some of your teams are in crisis. They felt crushed by employment challenges, major technological change, a competitive marketplace, … Read more

By medical device type, coating material type, company size, and major geography

DublinAnd January 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “Medical Device Coatings and Surface Modification Technologies: Distribution by Medical Device Type, Coating Material Type, Company Size, and Key Geographic Regions – Industry Trends and Global Forecasts, 2023-2035” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com an offer. Research and Markets logo This report features an extensive study of the current … Read more