The European spacecraft JUICE is ready to explore Jupiter’s icy moons

Issued in: 01/24/2023 – 17:38 Toulouse (France) (AFP) – The European spacecraft JUICE is all set to embark on an eight-year journey through the solar system to see if the oceans hidden beneath the surface of Jupiter’s icy moons have the potential to host extraterrestrial life. Right now, Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE) is in … Read more

We Dare You – Pick a Subject and Explore Books You Might Not Taste Like Otherwise – Chicago Tribune

If “reading more books” is on your list of goals for the year, try this amazing book challenge! The Challenge encourages adult and teen readers to broaden their horizons by discovering new topics, series, or authors–something they may not have read themselves. As a participant in the program, readers will select one book from each … Read more

Explore the features of music that people fall asleep to

summary: While most people prefer to drift off to sleep listening to calmer, slower songs, some feel more relaxed listening to familiar, high-energy folk music. Source: Plus A new study has identified several defining characteristics of sleep-related music, such as being quieter and slower than other music. However, popular sleep music playlists on Spotify also … Read more