American farmers are sounding the alarm about the most disastrous things heading for their corn crop

FOX Business’ Madison Allworth spoke to Elizabeth Hinkel of Hinkel Farms, who warns that her corn crop is at risk of a shortage due to proposed regulations. A regulatory move within Mexico’s agricultural sector has U.S. farmers concerned that it will “transform” their corn production. “Most farmers, of my generation and younger, have never used … Read more

Agritech startup Greenikk is building a digital ecosystem for banana farmers

College friends Farooq Naushad and Previn Jacob Varghese have always been inclined towards entrepreneurship. During their college days, they started a company called Invento Technology Solutions which developed a platform for housewives to sell food online. Later, in 2016, they started a software solutions company called Teczium Solutions in Rwanda. While the company managed to … Read more

New Zealand farmers upset Labor

The new premiership path is complicated January 21, 2023 3 minutes to read Reuters reports that Jacinda Ardern has won over many New Zealand farmers with effective policies on the coronavirus, but the influential rural bloc has soured because it is out of touch, affecting the chances of the prime minister’s successor to stay in … Read more

Greenland’s Unique Position on Climate Change – POLITICO

optics Icebergs from the Jakobshavn glacier off the coast of Ilulissat, in western Greenland. | Photos by Bradley Secker for POLITICO This story was supported by the Pulitzer Center. NARSAQ, NUUK, and ILULISSAT, Greenland As the most serene and majestic backdrop to our planet’s climate catastrophe, Greenland’s landscape is just as unique as its perspective … Read more

Doubts about carbon credit remain as farmers weigh in on CHEP review results, but market remains flat

As the dust settles on Chubb’s review of Australia’s carbon credit system, farmers and the big polluters they depend on for compensation are taking stock of what this all means. the main points: A major way to earn carbon credits is by not clearing the land while it’s on hold Critics warn about soils’ long-term … Read more