The formation of the new (old) Boston team could cause havoc at the guard’s position

With a win over the Golden State Warriors on Thursday night, the Boston Celtics have overcome what appeared to be a major mental hurdle. After falling to the Warriors in last year’s NBA Finals and then getting dented in the first showdown of the season on Dec. 10, they’re finally getting their strikes back. But … Read more

The Ryugu asteroid holds a key to understanding the formation of the solar system

Samples from asteroid 162173 Ryugu collected by the Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa2 can help us understand the chemical composition of our solar system. Discovered in 1999, Japanese scientists working on the Hayabusa2 spacecraft discovered the Ryugu asteroid known as 162173 Ryugu, which has a diameter of about 900 meters. In this asteroid, ancient dust grains older … Read more

The Webb Space Telescope is revealing dusty remnants of planet formation never seen before

These two images of the dusty debris disk around AU Mic, a red dwarf star located 32 light-years away in the southern constellation Microscopium. The team used a near infrared webcam (NIRCam) to study the AU microphone. NIRCam’s crown, which blocked out the intense light of the central star, allowed the team to study the … Read more

Scientists have revealed a unified theory of rocky planet formation

Artist’s illustration of a protoplanetary disk in which planets are forming. Credit: California Institute of Technology A new theory of how rocky planets form could explain the origin of so-called “super-Earths” – a class of exoplanets several times the mass of Earth, and the most abundant type of planet in the galaxy. Furthermore, it could … Read more