Tom Brady or Greg Olsen? Fox has a future decision on its senior analyst

The straightforward story of Sunday’s NFC Championship game revolves around unlikely stars. There’s Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, 24, who entered the season with questions only about his ability to become a MVP candidate, now comparing his head coach to no less than Michael Jordan. There’s San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, 23, who was … Read more

Fox News meteorologist Adam Klotz recalls teens’ brutal attack on the NYC subway: They tried to ‘knock me out’

Adam Klotz, a Fox News meteorologist, was badly beaten at the New York City Subway by a group of teenagers after he intervened on behalf of an elderly man who set their hair on fire. But he does not focus on the possibility of charges being brought against the teens. Klotz said that while he … Read more

Tropical bog fox tracking explained by University of Idaho-Argonaut student

Manuel Santiago, a UI doctoral student, detailed his genetic research on neotropical otters. Working alongside Dr. Lisette Witts of the College of Natural Resources, Santiago has used the university’s resources of DNA analysis and genetic surveillance technology to help increase researchers’ understanding of species that have historically proven particularly difficult to track. A member of … Read more

Blind in 2040: Specs on Deck. A day in your life, blind… | by Dylan Fox | January 2023

A day in your life, a blind person in the year 2040, is assisted by a pair of high-tech augmented reality glasses called Specs Photo by Amir Bashir on Unsplash like Stepping into a brisk fall day, you are overwhelmed by the smells and sounds of Oakland. The savory aura of fried foods from the … Read more

Michael J. Fox talks about alcoholism, broken bones, and “Crispin” Glover in a new document

Still: A Michael J. Fox Film, The latest documentary from Academy Award winner Davis Guggenheim, it tells the whirlwind story of how a young boy moved from Canada to Hollywood in his senior year, became the “Prince of Hollywood,” and ultimately turned his greatest challenge into a beacon of hope for millions. He suffers from … Read more

Fox impaled on leg treated at Lake Metroparks Wildlife Center – News-Herald

The Lake Metroparks Wildlife Care team released a treated fox into its natural habitat on January 16, with the fox returning home two months after its leg was impaled. The fox was treated for its injuries at the Kevin B. Clinton Wildlife Center in the park area. According to care team member Jessica Harper, the … Read more

Howie Long shows on FOX NFL Sunday that he’s not content with being average

If a recently retired NFL player were to transition into a media career, no one would be surprised. Existing players host their own podcasts or serve as contributors to broadcasts across the network. But once upon a time—which, in this case, was 1994—hardly any former NFL player made the immediate jump from wearing shoulder pads … Read more