Climate envoy says Germany made “painful choices” in clearing a village to make way for a coal mine Climate News

Germany’s climate envoy told Sky News that Germany had to make “painful choices” when it evicted occupiers from a village to make room for coal mine expansion. Video footage of German riot police in Lutzerath clashing with protesters against the nearby Garzweiler lignite mine made headlines around the world. It was a decision that some … Read more

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Palladium is down 3%. price palladium It fell more than 3% to $1,614.37 an ounce at 3.40pm London time. Palladium prices rose in 2022 after Russia, the largest exporter of the metal, invaded Ukraine. The global economic slowdown since then has pushed down palladium prices. Palladium, gold and silver prices fell on Thursday as US … Read more

Weekly Deals: The best smartphone deals from UK, Germany, US and India

With Black Friday and the holidays over, there’s a little lull in shopping. However with some browsing we still managed to pick out many interesting offers. Every week we try to offer something new, although there are a few duplicates this week due to the significant drop in prices in the past few days. Also, … Read more

Why are Nazi sculptures still on display in Germany today? – DW – 12/01/2023

Berlin’s Spandau Castle has added two Nazi-era statues to its permanent collection of antiquities. Nazi artist Josef Thorak created two “new horses” (known in German as “Schreitende Pferde”) for Adolf Hitler’s New Reich Chancellery in Berlin. Both statues need restoration. One of them has already been placed in the permanent exhibition, where visitors can view … Read more