Fox News’ Benjamin Hall urges viewers to ‘never give up’ on emotional return to live TV

Fox News foreign correspondent Benjamin Hall urged viewers of “Fox & Friends” to “never give up,” as he returned to live television Thursday following the horrific attack that severely injured him while covering Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “I think when you’ve been through something like I’ve been through, the highs, the lows, you have to … Read more

2023 NBA trade deadline buyer’s guide: What each contender needs, how they’ll get it, and what they’ll give up

Getty Images You’ve likely heard it repeated that this NBA season has no obvious frontrunner, but the parity runs quite a bit deeper. We could, in fact, argue that this season contains more parity than any other in NBA history. Here are some relevant numbers: The Boston Celtics lead the NBA with a net rating … Read more

The art collector wouldn’t give up fighting with DIA over a Van Gogh painting

A Brazilian art collector is not giving up his fight to recover a Vincent van Gogh painting that he claims was stolen from him years ago, then ended up in the Detroit Institute of Arts. In US District Court on Monday, the art collector’s attorney, Aaron Phelps, filed his notice of appeal over a judge’s … Read more

Should you give up self-employment because of recession fears?

Image source: Getty Images It is important to consider the state of the economy before becoming a self-employed business owner. the main points Experts have been warning that the US economy could collapse in the near term. This is important to consider when deciding whether to take the leap into freelancing. Make sure you’re in … Read more

“I told myself: keep pushing, don’t give up”; The SI couple is opening a new 7,000-square-foot gym

STATEN ISLAND, NY — When Michael Cuccinello, 53, graduated from Tottenville High School, his mom asked him what he wanted to do with his life. He said, “I want to open a gym,” an idea that was not a popular idea in the late 1980s. But his mother, who died shortly after he graduated, said: … Read more