The art collector wouldn’t give up fighting with DIA over a Van Gogh painting

A Brazilian art collector is not giving up his fight to recover a Vincent van Gogh painting that he claims was stolen from him years ago, then ended up in the Detroit Institute of Arts. In US District Court on Monday, the art collector’s attorney, Aaron Phelps, filed his notice of appeal over a judge’s … Read more

I met the oldest woman in the world – she shared her memories of Van Gogh in Arles

I don’t kiss the women I interview – it’s not professional. But one time I made an exception. In 1988 she met Jeanne Calment, at the age of 113, who was then the oldest person on Earth. That year was the centenary of Van Gogh’s arrival in Arles, and I was there to hear her … Read more

Doha International Airport was packed with visitors in the wake of the Van Gogh painting controversy

Detroit – Sheryl Van Wert said she couldn’t understand how a $5 million Vincent van Gogh painting could have disappeared six years before it showed up at the Detroit Institute of Arts, but said she drove 100 miles on Sunday from Saginaw to the museum to see for herself the artwork. which is the subject … Read more