I tried the viral Tiktok greens powder for a month

Have you seen health influencers raving about their perfect mixed greens powder on social media and excited to learn more about the health-promoting formula? I’m a health editor who prides herself on debunking the noise and debunking diet fads (Opens in a new tab)weight loss myths and unbalanced nutrition tips, but I’ll admit it – … Read more

‘Evil’, ‘The Peasants’ and ‘Vomiting’ – Eva Green’s WhatsApp Messages Exude Star Quality | Movies

a Much of Eva Green’s success is due to her sense of the unknown. This is a woman who stays out of the celebrity circle, not given to blurring out every waking thought on social media. Researchers are constantly struggling to get to the bottom of it. Since her breakout on Bertolucci’s The Dreamers nearly … Read more

Are greens powders worth it?

Greens powders have become unavoidable lately. Every swipe through Instagram or TikTok is guaranteed to show a video of a beautiful person mixing a very ugly substance into a freshly poured glass of water. The products are dried fruits and vegetables that have been made into a powder that is taken as a dietary supplement. … Read more