Mother Cabrini Scholarships go to Buffalo-area mental health and workforce groups and dental care initiatives

It’s that time of year again: New York City-based Mother Cabrini Health—the largest organization focused exclusively on health care in New York—announces year-end grants to nonprofits across New York. In Western New York, 41 Buffalo-area programs are sharing nearly $14.3 million to meet a range of urgent community and health-related needs. This is up 35% … Read more

Elite Health Acquires Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana | Health care/hospitals

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Louisiana have announced plans to join Elephant Health, formerly Anthem, in an acquisition that is set to close later this year, the companies announced Monday. Blue Cross and Blue Shield Louisiana is the largest insurer in the state, with more than 1.9 million policyholders. They will join The Alliance’s 119 … Read more

The Racine woman who allegedly allowed her disabled son to die will stay in a mental health institute a little longer

Racine — the woman facing criminal charges over allegations that she allowed her disabled adult son to die on the floor after a fall — will remain at the Mendota Institute of Mental Health for the time being. Cheryl Christensen, 63, has been charged with negligent endangerment for abuse/causing death after her son was found … Read more

Breach notice confirms One Brooklyn Health cyberattack, November outage

The New York State Department of Health confirmed to SC Media that the One Brooklyn Health network outage in November was a cyberattack. (Army National Guard) A Brooklyn Health company issued a breach notice, highlighting reported network outages the New York provider faced in November and December. The OBH has remained relatively quiet amid local … Read more

10 great teen shows dealing with mental health

Content warning: The following article contains discussions of drug use, rape, and self-harm.It’s hard being a teenager, especially when they have to juggle life’s hardships and come to terms with who they are. Thus, teens frequently suffer from a variety of mild to severe mental health issues as a result. However, some parents or other … Read more

High out-of-pocket health care costs. Here’s how to deal with them

Image source: Getty Images Even consumers who have health insurance spend a small fortune on Medicare. the main points In these uncertain economic times, employers are increasingly looking for ways to save money. Forcing workers to pay more for health care is one option companies are considering at the moment. Consider opening an HSA or … Read more

Researchers are studying how ADHD traits affect mental health

Post on PinterestA new study suggests that adults with ADHD may need more mental health support. Photo credit: Counter/Getty Images. In a collaborative study, researchers analyzed adult questionnaire responses to examine the relationship between ADHD traits, autistic traits, and mental health issues. The researchers wanted to find out to what extent the traits of ADHD … Read more

Community groups step in to help immigrant elderly people access health care

When all people have access to health care, it is better for the entire health care system The health care system in the United States is complex for most people, and those who are not fluent in English or do not have documented residency status have additional barriers to overcome. However, as the immigrant population … Read more

Cascade Health Alliance partners with Valera Health to bring virtual behavioral health care to Oregonians

The Valera Health platform addresses the growing need for access to quality, affordable mental health services New YorkAnd January 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Valera Healtha telebehavioral health service that provides personalized, team-based clinical care, has partnered with Cascade Health Alliance (CHA) to expand access to high-quality virtual behavioral health care services to individuals in Oregon. … Read more

California’s mental health system is too slow for young people on Medi-Cal

Briefly Despite recent policy changes, many California families seeking behavioral health treatment through Medi-Cal are struggling to get the services they need in a timely manner. Given the scale of the emergency, country leaders must ensure that these systems are provided with sustainable resources. Comment by guest Nancy Holland Nancy Holland is a mother of … Read more