Penn Medicine honored for first-class patient experience ratings

Apheresis treatment team Think about the last time you had a really good experience when you sought health care so wanted to shout it from the rooftops satisfying. It likely involves more than just a clinical solution to your health problem. Everyone you encountered—doctors, nurses, techs, aides, nutrition and environmental staff, front desk staff, couriers, … Read more

UMass neurobiologist Chan Eviatar Yemini has been honored with the Hypothesis Fund Award

Eviatar Yemini, Ph.D Eviatar Yemini, PhD, assistant professor of neurobiology, has been selected to receive an initial grant from the Hypothesis Fund, an innovative new nonprofit that relies on a network of “scout” scientists to identify and recommend new, early-stage research for funding. Dr. Yemini will use the grant to investigate how nervous system activity … Read more

Bobby Bowden, Dylan Gibbons, and Ron Simmons have been honored by the Hula Bowl

Three Florida State representatives were honored by the Hula Bowl Thursday night, as legendary coach Bobby Bowden and nose guard Ron Simmons were inducted into the Hula Bowl Hall of Fame and Dillan Gibbons was honored with the organization’s Joe Roth Award. Read more: Former FSU Star Treshaun Ward announces her transfer to the Big … Read more