Is it possible in humans?

Post on PinterestDesign by Medical News Today; Photo by Charles Gullung/Getty Images and DigiPub/Getty Images Aging is a natural part of life that changes the body in ways that we may not like at times. Researchers from Harvard Medical School believe that epigenetic changes — not just changes in DNA — influence aging. This view … Read more

The Road to Planetary Exploration: The Role of 3D Printing in Transporting Humans to Mars

Inconel’s Launcher Orbiter fuel tank was printed using Sapphire’s first VELO3D printer. VELO3D When you look at the growth in space launches over the past decade, it’s amazing how quickly humanity has increased the number of payloads delivered into orbit. Utilizing the latest and most advanced manufacturing technology, space startups have made it affordable to … Read more

‘Time for a reality check’: How close can artificial intelligence (AI) come to thinking like humans?

theIn the first month, Deepmind, a subsidiary of tech giant Alphabet, caused a stir in Silicon Valley when it announced Gato, perhaps the most versatile AI model in existence. Described as a “general agent”, Gato can perform over 600 different missions. He can drive a robot, annotate on photos, identify objects in photos, and more. … Read more