Arsenal’s clever angles and their importance in the race for the Premier League title

On April 10, 1993, Manchester United needed a win to regain first place in the Premier League season. A draw with Sheffield Wednesday wasn’t enough to get them back on top with just five matches remaining after that. The final minutes of that match played a key role in United achieving the Premier League title. … Read more

Alice and Darling and the Importance of Showing Emotional Abuse on Screen | Movies

IIf not guided by the ominous score and standout performance of the fragile, tense angst, it might take a third of Alice, Darling, a new movie starring Anna Kendrick as a woman in an emotionally abusive relationship, to realize that something is wrong. Alice’s relationship with Simon (Charlie Carrick), a thirty-year-old Toronto-based artist with a … Read more

The importance of 3D IC ecosystem collaboration

Article written by: Dan Kochbacharin 3D integrated circuits promise a whole new level of power, performance, space and functionality. As design teams continue to develop new generations of transformative products, the demand for computing remains tough. Modern workloads have brought packaging technologies to the fore for innovation and have pushed the boundaries of silicone product … Read more