Meta’s chief artificial intelligence scientist says ChatGPT is “not particularly innovative” and “nothing revolutionary”

Why hasn’t the public seen programs like ChatGPT from Meta or from Google? “The answer is that both Google and Meta have a lot to lose by putting out systems that make things,” says Yann LeCun, Meta’s chief artificial intelligence scientist. collective[i] weather forecast A lot of ink has been thrown lately about the enormous … Read more

Lenovo Shows Off New And Innovative PC And Phone Designs At CES 2023

The Lenovo Yoga 9i in vertical mode. Jacob Freyman This year at CES 2023, Lenovo announced its newest lineup of ThinkBook, ThinkPad and Yoga devices and more. Every year, I believe Lenovo does a great job of introducing new and innovative products that express the conceptual essence of CES. This year is no different, and … Read more