NFL Championship Game Against the Spread: Vic Tavor Predictions

We’re lucky as football fans because Sunday’s conference championship games are great. We have the top four teams left in the league (the Bills were always a bit of a hustler after the fall of Von Miller, as we said last week). Let’s enjoy what we’ve got – there’s no need for media driven debates … Read more

NFL Playoffs Predictions: 5 Coaches, CEOs Predict Divisional Round Winners

This weekend’s NFL playoff schedule may just be a showdown between last weekend’s exciting slate of fixtures. The Chiefs and Eagles come out of their bye with a chance to check out the No. 1 seeds, but each face a pair of foes – the Jaguars and the Giants – who exceed expectations and prove … Read more

Inside College Football’s “Rat Pack” clinic

Charlotte, Nick — The football version of ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ takes place inside an unadvertised ballroom inside a luxury hotel in downtown Charlotte. It’s an invitation only, and it concludes with a decade since its inception, overtaking the global pandemic that two years ago canceled the American Football Coaches Association’s annual conference. On … Read more

NFL wild-card playoffs pick against the spread: Vic Tafur predictions

Time for the playoffs, time to refocus and get serious after not taking the regular season seriously. Are we talking about me or Duck Prescott? I finished a dismal season with a successful week, while Prescott and the Cowboys were blown away by rookie Sam Howell and the leaders. There were some predictions correct, like … Read more