NBL owner Larry Kesselman says league has talked to Bronny James’ management, in the mix to bring him to Australia Son of LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers plays in the NBL, team news, results.

Bronnie James, son of NBA star LeBron James, is in his senior year of high school at Sierra Canyon High School in Los Angeles but is not eligible to enter the NBA draft until 2024, which means he will soon choose a destination to play basketball during his gap year before he leaves. He joins … Read more

Larry Kudlow: Biden brags about his economic policies, but he hasn’t done anything to cut spending

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow calls President Biden over his lack of spending cuts and criticizes the “Kudlow” tax cuts. It’s always an intellectually lively moment when Joe Biden comes out and starts talking about the economy and his economic policies. Today he spoke at a Martin Luther King event hosted by that well-known centrist, … Read more

Larry Kudlow: The political and financial drain from clogged Democratic arteries can revitalize a shaky economy

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow discusses the government’s debt limit and ceiling and the GOP’s movement to restore the regular budget order on “Kudlow”. So, I bet you didn’t know that on January 19th, the US government’s debt limit would hit its cap: $31.4 trillion. This coming Thursday, please mark it on your calendar. It’s … Read more

Larry Gatlin remembers growing up Lisa Marie Presley: She was quiet and shy at heart

Larry Gatlin reflects on his friendship with Lisa Marie Presley. During an interview with Fox News Digital, Gatlin shared his memories of Presley, recalling the first time he met her when she was three and he was 23. “I was her babysitter for an hour or so in 1971,” he said, adding that he remembers … Read more

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink comments on the prospect of a recession and a US debt default

BlackRock Chairman and CEO Larry Fink discusses how close the economy is to recession and how Washington’s wrangle over the debt ceiling could hurt the United States in “Countdown Claman”. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink weighed in on the prospect of a recession and the risk of the US government defaulting on its debt. We’re “not … Read more

Larry Summers calls for more US job losses from a ‘tropical paradise’

Larry Summers got upset on social media after he said high unemployment would be necessary to tame inflation in the US economy during a televised broadcast from what sounded like a tropical beach resort. The former Treasury secretary, now a Harvard professor and paid contributor to Bloomberg News, appeared on the closing news program for … Read more