The Broncos’ hiring of Sean Payton leaves Russell Wilson without any excuses next season

Nearly an hour after the worst season of his professional career officially ended on Jan. 9, quarterback Russell Wilson took the stage and sent an unmistakable message about who he thought could help solve the problems plaguing the quarterback and his new team. Both. Asked about the upcoming search for a head coach, an op-ed … Read more

Jerry Garcia’s Grateful Dead herbal brand leaves California

Jerry Garcia is one of the most famous pot smokers in California history. Born in San Francisco, Garcia led The Grateful Dead for 30 years as the city became an international beacon of counterculture, and he did it all while smoking weed casually and publicly. His pot pipe is considered an artifact of cannabis history … Read more

The foot-winged GM leaves for The Apogee Club in Florida

Soon after announcing his impending departure in a letter to the membership, friends made over three decades at Winged Foot began checking in with longtime general manager Colin Burns. The first phone call was from CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz, who insisted on being an audio part of whatever transmission the club was planning for the … Read more

How venture capital’s lack of succession planning leaves large corporations without a future

From the kings of the past to the global CEOs of today – leaders have always had the idea of ​​succession on their mind. over that day; The average CEO lives for only five years. However, for many enterprising investors, the topic remains taboo. As the industry expands — European startup funding quadrupled from 2017 … Read more

War leaves a toxic environmental legacy that lingers long after the guns have been quieted. Can we stop it?

The number of armed conflicts raging around the world is the largest since the end of World War II. These wars can leave toxic environmental legacies and cause untold damage to human health. A quarter of the world’s population – or two billion people – live in countries at war. They include Ukraine, Yemen, Syria, … Read more

#1 Documentary on Netflix Charts Leaves Viewers ‘Shocked’ and ‘Angry’

hatchet using traveller It hit Netflix on Tuesday and soared to number one on their chart of the 10 Best Movies in the US. What seemed like a bizarre documentary soon revealed itself to be a deeply disturbing story of exploitation, mental illness, and murder. summary This shocking documentary chronicles hapless Bedouin’s rise to viral … Read more