The media has exploited the life of Amy Winehouse. A new bio appears to be doing the same with her death Music

IIt’s only been a week since filming of Amy Winehouse’s Sam Taylor-Johnson biopic Back to Black began shooting in London, but the backlash is already thick and fast. Over the weekend, photos of Marisa Abella and Eddie Marsan in person as Amy and her father, Mitch Winehouse, surfaced on Twitter. The reaction was one of … Read more

The James Webb Telescope has discovered the coldest ice in the known universe – and it contains the building blocks of life

scientists who use James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has detected and measured the coldest ice in the deepest reaches of the interstellar molecular cloud to date. Frozen particles measured minus 440 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 263 degrees Celsius), according to new research published Jan. 23 in the journal Nature. natural astronomy (Opens in a new tab). … Read more

Using running to escape from the stresses of daily life may lead to people relying on exercise rather than mental health

Credit: Unsplash / CC0 Public Domain Recreational running offers plenty of physical and mental health benefits—but some people can develop exercise dependence, a form of addiction to physical activity that can cause health problems. Shockingly, signs of exercise dependence are common even in recreational runners. Study published in Frontiers in Psychology Investigating whether the concept … Read more

Only guest David Letterman was banned from The Late Late Show for life after he caught him stealing

Yes, even the most popular talk shows secretly ban celebrities. Such was the case with the late Barbara Walters, who wasn’t Kathy Griffin’s biggest fan – though she didn’t let that be known to the public. It wasn’t the only time Conan O’Brien was forced to temporarily ban Dax Shepard after their encounter went completely … Read more

There is a mental health crisis at work because life changes so quickly

Credit – Getty Images In October 2022, Surgeon General of the United States Vivek Murthy issued guidance to promote the mental health of employees at work. Murthy’s team developed the framework in response to alarming declines in employee well-being. For example, 76% of workers in 2021 reported symptoms of anxiety or depression, an increase of … Read more

7 tips to move more in everyday life

There are plenty of reasons to move more in your daily life! While for some people it can be difficult to exercise 7 days a week, there are certain things in their life that can help them without making the effort to go to the gym. We know, you should be thinking about how you … Read more

Blind in 2040: Specs on Deck. A day in your life, blind… | by Dylan Fox | January 2023

A day in your life, a blind person in the year 2040, is assisted by a pair of high-tech augmented reality glasses called Specs Photo by Amir Bashir on Unsplash like Stepping into a brisk fall day, you are overwhelmed by the smells and sounds of Oakland. The savory aura of fried foods from the … Read more

The author of Ridsburg has released the third book, telling the story of life through action

John Gettings The Reedsburg-based author who tells her life and family stories through her work released her third book in December and launched the book Saturday in Wisconsin Dells. Rose Bingham, who lives with her husband of 64 years, Michael, in Reedsburg, has lived in the Dells for 22 years, and grew up in Maston. … Read more

Here’s how much people are saying about the cost of not having financial literacy in 2022

domoyega | E + | Getty Images When it comes to money, what you don’t know can hurt you. A report from the National Council of Financial Educators showed that 38% of individuals in a recent survey said their lack of financial literacy cost them at least $500 in 2022, including 15% who said it … Read more

New research could link the evolution of complex life to genetic ‘dark matter’

The findings support the theory that microRNAs play an essential role in the evolution of intelligent life. New research suggests that microRNA plays a critical role in the advanced development of the brain, including in humans. Octopuses have amazed scientists and the public with their remarkable intelligence, from using tools to engaging in creative play … Read more