Utah bill proposes expanding dental care coverage to adults under Medicaid – reform state

Senate Bill 19a measure that would extend dental benefits under Medicaid to adults 21 and older, was introduced in the House of Representatives after passing the Senate by a vote of 19-0, with 10 abstentions, on Monday. Get the latest state-specific policy intelligence for the healthcare sector delivered to your inbox. Sponsored by Sen. Evan … Read more

Idaho will spend $78 million more if Medicaid expansion ends, state official tells legislature

If voters had not agreed to expand Idaho Medicaid to low-income adults, Idaho residents would have spent tens of millions of dollars on health care for these patients. If the state rolls back Medicaid coverage, Idaho will spend nearly $78 million more due to the loss of federal funding, a state official told lawmakers Monday. … Read more

As the United States grapples with the debt ceiling, Medicare becomes a bargaining chip

While repealing the Affordable Care Act appears to have fallen off Congressional Republicans’ to-do list for 2023, plans to cut Medicare and Medicaid are back. The GOP wants Democrats to agree to cut spending on both programs in exchange for a vote to prevent the government from defaulting on its debt. Meanwhile, the nation’s healthcare … Read more

Attracting out-of-state professionals is just the first step in solving Montana’s health worker shortage

Gina Eisenhart spent nearly six years as a licensed therapist in Colorado before deciding to move to a place where her services were greater. She has researched rural states facing a shortage of behavioral health providers and accepted a position as a clinical senior therapist at Chauder Children’s Hospital in Helena, Montana, in January 2018. … Read more

Analysis Finds Medicaid Expansion Boon for Public Health, Workforce and Hospitals – New Hampshire Bulletin

Lawmakers must decide this year whether to continue spending millions each year to provide additional health coverage for the 50,000 to 90,000 low-income people through the expanded Medicaid program. The New Hampshire Institute for Fiscal Policy, long looked to by lawmakers for nonpartisan financial analysis, released a report this week with several arguments for doing … Read more

Medicaid residents are looking for new homes where assisted living facilities switch gears

NORTHGLENN, Colorado. Late last year, Kim Muniz received some bad news about her brother’s assisted living facility and began scrambling to find him a new place to live. Her brother, Mike, was living at Northglenn Heights, an assisted living facility north of Denver. Medicaid benefits pay for his stay, but a letter in November said … Read more

Day 1 of the Health and Care Budget Hearing: Medicaid and Child Care Costs and Federal Funds

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare makes up about a third of the state’s total budget each year. That’s because — as Director Dave Jepsen explained in a hearing Tuesday — the department serves an enormous cross-section of the Idaho population, through a host of different programs. Jepsen and other state health and welfare … Read more

As US hospitals become private, Medicaid patients lose access to health care

Over the past four decades, American hospitals have gradually transitioned from public to private hands. The share of hospitals that are owned and operated by a government body — as opposed to a private entity, either a for-profit or not-for-profit organization — decreased by 42 percent from 1983 to 2019. This trend has had dire … Read more

A debt ceiling battle looms over Medicare, Medicaid

Illustration: Sarah Grillo / Axios House Republicans don’t have much way to pass major health care changes with a Senate Democrat and the president, with one possible exception: fighting the debt ceiling. why does it matter: It’s not clear what spending cuts House Republicans will pay for expanding the government’s borrowing authority later this year … Read more